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The Latest Additions to Painted Back Rigs

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I checked out your site but didn't get caught by all the pretty harnesses. after all lures are designed to catch fishermen not fish. and if they do catch fish, it's just a bonus. but i am looking more for harnesses with pinks and purples mixed in them. I liked a few of your designs but I didn't like the colors. and your prices for double blades is great. but I will keep check your harnesses and if i find a few I like I will buy off you.

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hey, I went back and seen i had only looked at battle of the blades, so I looked at the rest of them. but I do like ladder backs with purple with pink or black ladder backs. I did put a few in my cart but there is a couple more I'm thinking about. I see a few that looks good but a have enough of those type spoons. now I'm looking mere for blends of pink or purple. i realize i may just be too particular and miss out on a lot of fish catching harnesses. but I can't buy or use so many rigs ar a time. I'll be back on your site later to finish my order.


have you ever thought about adding a few small and large spoons to your site?

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Hey thanks for checking out the site sherman. I hope you find more you like.  Please keep in mind the threshold for free shipping is $45.  I hate to see people spend around $35 - $40 and get dinged for the flat rate shipping charge of $7.50.  A lot of times you can spend the same amount of money and get more if you just watch for that. I have been adding more pinks and purples this year for sure and still have more to get done so please keep coming back. I doubt I will add spoons because this business started out as a hobby of tying harnesses and grew to be an obsession with me.  The website is an outlet for me to get these great-looking harnesses in more hands.  I just enjoy making htem. You are always welcome to like my page "paintedbackrigs" on Facebook where I regularly preview the latest additions.

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