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  1. Here are some samplings of what you can find at Painted Back Rigs.
  2. Now offering great harnesses made with spinner blades from 13 different artists. Here are some of them you'll find at Painted Back Rigs.
  3. Thank you Sherman. Working on getting it put together now. Will have it in the mail Monday morning. Norm Ziesman (zedzee) Painted Back Rigs
  4. We just restocked these - again. Painted Back Rigs
  5. Hi Sherman, I just checked and I am not seeing an email from you. If you like, you can email me at [email protected] for a faster response. If you fill out the email form on the website, it goes to that email anyway. Thanks, Norm Ziesman - zedzee - Painted Back Rigs
  6. Hi Patricia. Thank you for your inquiry. Prices vary and all can be seen on our website at Painted Back Rigs.
  7. We have lots of great crawler harnesses still available at Painted Back Rigs. Here are some of the new ones. Stop in and view our super wide selection.
  8. Visit Painted Back Rigs to see all the great two-hook ready-to-use harnesses we have. Shpping is FREE on orders over $45 USD to both Canada and within U.S. Here are a few of the newer ones.
  9. Been tying crawler harnesses for Painted Back Rigs with a focus on premium high quality spinner blades. Here are a few new ones you can find at Painted Back Rigs .
  10. Here are some of the new crawler harnesses recently added to Painted Back Rigs . Free shipping on orders over $45.
  11. A great selection of two-hook crawler harnesses from Painted Back Rigs can be viewed on the website at https://paintedbackrigs.com Shipping is FREE on orders over $45.
  12. Hey thanks for checking out the site sherman. I hope you find more you like. Please keep in mind the threshold for free shipping is $45. I hate to see people spend around $35 - $40 and get dinged for the flat rate shipping charge of $7.50. A lot of times you can spend the same amount of money and get more if you just watch for that. I have been adding more pinks and purples this year for sure and still have more to get done so please keep coming back. I doubt I will add spoons because this business started out as a hobby of tying harnesses and grew to be an obsession with me. The website is an outlet for me to get these great-looking harnesses in more hands. I just enjoy making htem. You are always welcome to like my page "paintedbackrigs" on Facebook where I regularly preview the latest additions.
  13. Here are some more great 2-hook crawler harnesses just added to the lineup. Click here to go to Painted Back Rigs website. FREE Shipping On Orders Over $45.
  14. And a few weeks later we had these new rigs also added on Painted Back Rigs
  15. Some more new additions for you to check out at Painted Back Rigs. You can see them at Painted Back Rigs
  16. Some new ones in The TK Collection at Painted Back Rigs
  17. The CANDY aisle has been restocked at Painted Back Rigs.
  18. Thank you. We just got picked up as a product for Copper State Tackle store out here in AZ. Hoping to eventually get into one or two out your way.
  19. We just added these 2-hook crawler harnesses made with blades custom-painted for us. Check out the details on these and more at Painted Back Rigs
  20. Painted Back Rigs has a lot to choose from but mostly Colorado and only a few Willow.
  21. Sold Individually. Prices Vary. All Harnesses Have Two Octopus Hooks. https://paintedbackrigs.com
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