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Lake Erie Whitefish ice fishing You Tube

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Lake Erie Whitefish have been off your radar because no one shows you they are there. Commercial fishermen catch and sell over one million dollars C annually. You Tube has dozens of sites showing methods, lures, lakes and techniques you should learn. One site showed where 120 whitefish were taken in a day. Also cleaning, smoking, canning and freezing them. Start searching You Tube for "whitefish ice fishing", dozens of shows will entertain you. 

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Whitefish in Lake Erie along with the blue pike as their fry and minnows were consumed by the uncontrolled mass of the foreign invader smelt. The blue pike was termed extinct in the late 1950's and sport fishing for blue pike ended. Whitefish recovered but sportfishing for them never happened or has returned. Commercial fishing for whitefish has demonstrated their present abundance. Sport fishing hook and line works if you understand the life of whitefish feeding and reproduction sites. The You Tube sites will give you years of advice from expert fishermen in other lake sites, search them by starting "whitefish jigs, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Simcoe. You must set up in deeper water on the mud bottom where whitefish feed on worms, michigan wigglers mayflies and zebra mussels. They are in the deeper silt and rock bottoms. As water temperatures drop in the fall they migrate to near shore for spawning and as summer returns they return deeper to cooler waters.

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There are dozens of "You Tube" videos that last days, not just hours. "SEARCH" out whitefish, Lake Erie whitefish, history, commercial fishery, fish tugs, sport fishing, spear fishing, gill nets, trap nets, trawl nets and hook and line harvest. Basically whitefish are a Coldwater bottom feeder most of the year but they spawn in shallow rock bottoms  in the late fall.  After spawning they feed on other egg masses such as Lake Trout. In one year they and other cold waters fish disappeared. They disappeared  in 1955 along with Ciscoes, Lake Trout, Blue Pike, etc. when another foreign invader in the cold waters appeared. It was the smelt, stocked in a Michigan lake to provide forage for the Lake Trout commercial fishery.  These fish were not harvested out but their reproduction minnows were consumed by the hordes of smelt that appeared in all of the Great Lakes. In the mid 1960's Canadian Commercial fishermen converted to trawlers that harvested the smelt that were air freighted to Asian markets. Then Coho salmon that were easily produced to the Great Lakes and Chinook, King, Salmon. trout were stocked with this combined control methods that began to return the Perch, Walleye and Bass and new salmon and trout fishery  to the hook and line sport fishing in in our Great Lakes that a few years earlier were considered "Dead Lakes." So in warm summer fishing go out to 60 to 90 foot of water using whitefish jigs available. You Tube has videos of the hook and line sport fishing methods and lures that you need to harvest these fine eating whitefish and also cleaning and cooking shows.

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