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  1. I was just out there last week and passed by your marina. Might be in the next video. I'll have to process it when I have time. Caught ton of catfish, sheephead, largemouth and a couple smallmouth.
  2. Heck, I'll keep an eye out for you. Good luck fishing this year.
  3. Still a ton of catfish in that bay. Amazing how many they catch. I did see some nice perch come from the pier at Dempsey. Glad it brought back some memories.
  4. I've never caught a whitefish on Lake Erie. Have on Lake Michigan. Good to know there are numbers of them on Lake Erie too.
  5. Sandusky Bay if you decide to fish it. Lots of aerial views in this video. Sandusky Bay Fishing Video
  6. It's not very often you get a chance to fish topwater for bass on Lake Erie. It's either too rough, or the seagulls are trying to eat your lure. Last May I had a good day where everything worked out. Lake Erie Topwater Fishing Video
  7. Sandusky Bay has to be one of the most fun places to bass fish. It seems like there is a bass on every piece structure. So many places to fish and not enough day to fish them all. I had a really fun trip there in October. Come along with me in this video for a view of the bay and some fun fishing. Sandusky Bay Bass Fishing Video
  8. 70' I heard report around Ashtabula couple days ago. That's some deep trolling.
  9. Jim and I did a post spawn fishing trip. Sorry it took a little while to get this one out. These take lot of work and time to put together, but we try to make them so people feel as though they are out there with us. We caught some big smallmouth, largemouth, Pike, and had hook ups with muskies. Lots of other species as well. Come along and take a look around the lake and see what was biting. Lake Erie Detroit River Huron River Fishing Video
  10. All around that Cleveland Harbor is good fishing. Rocks hold a lot of fish. Sandusky Bay isn't too far and has good fishing. Avon Pointe has nice smallmouth. Huron River has good fishing near Vermillion too. Good luck
  11. Jim and I hit St Clair about two weeks ago. We put together a video we think you will like. It will give you a nice aerial view of the lake along with some nice smallmouth and muskie catches. Hope you enjoy. Lake St Clair Video
  12. Guys are getting them close to shore right now I'm hearing. Use hair jigs, and blade baits such Jay's blade bait. Vertical jigging them is a blast. If your looking to get away from the crowds it may be a little better, but not much. It gets pretty crazy out there too.
  13. The walleye river run is officially going. Check out the amount of anglers down there this past weekend. Maumee River Walleye Run Video
  14. I took the boat for a quick maintenance run yesterday on Lake Erie. Decided to take the drone along for the ride. The guys seem to be getting the walleye shallow by the number of boats I seen trolling close to the bank. Lake Erie Brest Bay Sterling State Park Aerial View
  15. I can't wait either. Couple cold nights might have me holding off one more week. Thanks for kind words.
  16. This is another fall bass fishing video. Hopefully it will get everyone excited as I am about getting back out on open water. There was a strong east wind this day and it forced me into a real common area where everyone launches there boat from. I'm thinking many of you might recognize this place. Hope you enjoy the video, and enjoy your time on the water this spring. Lake Erie Fall Fishing
  17. Much appreciated. It won't be long. Ice is breaking up on the river now.
  18. If the wind keeps you off the lake during the big walleye spawn in the Western Basin. The Maumee River is always a nice back up plan to get some walleye for the day. I took a drone aerial view of the Maumee River's best fishing areas for the walleye. I did this when the water level was really low to give a good perspective on the best spots. Maumee River Aerial View Of Walleye Spots
  19. Here is a new Lake Erie Fishing video from this past fall. There are some different areas than you have seen in the past videos. It was a short, but very productive trip. If you watch the video with your phone you should be good. If you watch with your computer, ipad, or T.V. You will want to click the bottom right to make it full screen, and click the other icon next to it to make it better quality. Hope you enjoy it. We have a few other new ones to come out in the following weeks. https://rumble.com/vcb167-lake-erie-largemouth-bass-fishing-areas.html?mref=66lt3&mc=9e0fe
  20. For guys that have put their boat up for the season. Metzger Marsh Wildlife area on Lake Erie is a good place to wet a line or go duck hunting. Here's is an aerial view of the place.
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