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  1. For those that can't get out ice fishing this weekend. Here is some summer action from Sandusky Bay. Sandusky Bay Video Click Here
  2. Long winter months. I think next year I will forgo winterizing the boat so soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2024 bring you many tight lines in 2024. Lake Erie Fishing Video Click Here
  3. Spring bass fishing can be some of the most fun fishing you have all year long. It's hard to beat Lake Erie for a great numbers of Largemouth that are in it's waters. When the winds get bad on the lake, there is always somewhere to dip the boat in and have a fun day of fishing. Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. Lake Erie Marina Bass Fishing Video Click Here
  4. Giant Spider and West Harbor Lake Erie Fishing Video One of the largest spiders I've seen in northwest Ohio. Have you ever had a creepy crawler crawling all over you, and you didn't even know it? This fishing trip had an unexpected visitor who thought it was a good idea to crawl across my hat, ear, and eyebrow! Fishing West Harbor of Lake Erie can produce mixed results. There are days when you have to go through a wide variety of lures to get the bites. This was one of those particular days where the bite was tough. I rotated through enough lures and areas to put together a decent fishing day on the lake. Come along bass fishing with R & J Bass Fishing on Rumble. Please subscribe on Rumble to help the channel out. Thanks #fishing #lures, #spider, #scary #Lake #Erie #lake #erie #GreatLakes #west #harbor #video #videos #sports #news West Harbor Lake Erie Giant Spider Video Click Here
  5. Chasing roaming largemouth wasn't the original plan, but it ended up being the way to catch them on this day. Any of you ever experience this? Chasing Roaming Lake Erie Largemouth Video Click Here
  6. Portage River Ohio. Fishing Muddy Water for Bass. This is a fishing trip from last year I did on the Portage River near Port Clinton. There are times when muddy water can make for a tough day of fishing. There are certain things you can do to increase your chances of catching bass when facing these conditions. Come along for a fishing trip on the Portage River and see how this day turned out on this Lake Erie tributary. Portage River Bass Fishing Video Click Here
  7. Detroit River fishing video summer of 2022. You never know what you're going to catch on the Detroit River. This particular day was a great multi species day on the river. There aren't too many fisheries that hold the number of fish that the Detroit River does. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting on the right area. Come along for a trip on the Detroit River with R & J Bass Fishing. Detroit River Fishing Video Click Here
  8. Here is a fishing trip Jim and I had last spring on Sandusky Bay. Looking forward to getting back out there. We were bass fishing, but it seemed like you had a bite almost every other cast with the catfish and junk fish mixed in. Sandusky Bay Fishing Video Click Here
  9. Someone asked about the hair jig in the video. Here is a pic of the jig I was using that day. Nothing fancy.
  10. It's hard to beat West Harbor of Lake Erie for quantity of bass. This trip you will get to see lots of aerial views of the harbor that you may have not fished before. Great place to kayak, or even big enough for bass club tournaments. It's gets tons of pressure, but somehow still produces all year long. This particular day was a Monday at the end of June. Tons of fishing pressure over the weekend, and still, lots of bass boats on Monday. I did some minor tweaking of lures and came up with a good combination to put lots of bass in the boat. Thank goodness for old lure that the bass probably hadn't seen that much. If you're looking for a break from the winter blues. Come along for the sights, sounds, and some fishing on the Great Lakes. #WestHarbor #LakeErie #bassfishing #bass #ohio #outdoors #news #fish #bass #lake #erie #GreatLakes West Harbor Lake Erie Bass Fishing Video Click Here
  11. Walleye and bass fishing Lake Erie Catawba Island area September 28th. The video below was a fun day on the lake. For some crazy reason the walleye was right up on the shoreline. Guys were catching them from shore this particular day. The baitfish must have been pushed in there good. Maybe something to check out until the ice comes back for fishing. Lake Erie Catawba Walleye and Bass Fishing Video Click Here
  12. I was finally able to meet up with my good buddy Jim B. from northeast Ohio. We fished East Harbor for the day and man does that place hold a lot of fish. East Harbor Lake Erie Video Click Here
  13. Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm sure the majority of anglers would do the same thing.
  14. I scouted out some new areas to fish for bass last month along the mouth of the Maumee River and western end of Lake Erie. You fish lots of dead water, but when you find areas holding bass it sure makes it lot of fun. Found couple new areas that I can fish in the future now. Maumee River and Lake Erie Fishing Video Click Here
  15. It's crazy in the past year I've saved two seagulls out on Lake Erie. The first one had a reef runner stuck between its feet. This one was tangled in something completely different. It managed to get a couple pecks in on me before the release too. Luckily, I was able to capture it on video. Saved Seagull Video Link
  16. Jim and I took a fishing trip to Lake Erie last Saturday. The fishing wasn't fantastic, but the day on the water was certainly fun. We fished lots of areas that would be good for a small boat or kayak. The interactions with people on the water remind me of what I like about fishing. There are lots of good folks out there. Hope you enjoy video. Might have caught some of you on video. https://rumble.com/v1g18rt-lake-erie-bass-fishing-largemouth-august-2022.html?mref=66lt3&mc=9e0fe
  17. I was just out there last week and passed by your marina. Might be in the next video. I'll have to process it when I have time. Caught ton of catfish, sheephead, largemouth and a couple smallmouth.
  18. Heck, I'll keep an eye out for you. Good luck fishing this year.
  19. Still a ton of catfish in that bay. Amazing how many they catch. I did see some nice perch come from the pier at Dempsey. Glad it brought back some memories.
  20. I've never caught a whitefish on Lake Erie. Have on Lake Michigan. Good to know there are numbers of them on Lake Erie too.
  21. Sandusky Bay if you decide to fish it. Lots of aerial views in this video. Sandusky Bay Fishing Video
  22. It's not very often you get a chance to fish topwater for bass on Lake Erie. It's either too rough, or the seagulls are trying to eat your lure. Last May I had a good day where everything worked out. Lake Erie Topwater Fishing Video
  23. Sandusky Bay has to be one of the most fun places to bass fish. It seems like there is a bass on every piece structure. So many places to fish and not enough day to fish them all. I had a really fun trip there in October. Come along with me in this video for a view of the bay and some fun fishing. Sandusky Bay Bass Fishing Video
  24. 70' I heard report around Ashtabula couple days ago. That's some deep trolling.
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