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Other methods besides trolling Erie, PA

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Does anyone use other methods other than trolling launch out of the Erie pa area? I took my dad out a few times last year trolling and though we had success we are looking for other methods that will work. We used to fish Canada every summer for walleyes and mainly jig fished or drift fished. All the times I went out last year I didn’t see much of this going on. It was mostly guys trolling everywhere. I enjoy trolling but really enjoy the actual bite from the fish while jigging. Just curious to hear from other on their success with methods other than trolling. Thanks

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Walleye suspend near the surface when the waters are between 55 and 65 degrees F. We canned up our gill nets then to find the yellow pike without dealing with bottom fish like suckers and sheep head. Near shore fishing in the same depths when the preferred water temperature is there is why bottom bouncers work near shore.

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