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Head further west toward Pa. line and maybe a bit deeper, looking for cooler water is key, if you have a unit that reads temp at downrigger ball.
We found fish off Catt creek yesterday 75’ down over 90fow. Once you find active fish, keep working that area. Good luck

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Saturday Went west 65-80 foot of water. Slow pick but did end up with 8 including a 10lber which was my daughters biggest ever. Sticks and harness both caught fish. Down riggers around 45’, 7 and 8 color lead cores 
Today Went west again and ended up with 3 man limit 65-75’ . Purple, pinks  with white worked. Half sticks and half harnesses. Riggers, and lead cores

Good luck! Thanks everybody for posting 

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Fished  7 hours thursday in front of the harbor in 65-90 fow for seven hours using downriggers and dipseys with stickbaits and worm harnesses for one 22 incher and a throwback 14 incher. Friday we fought our way to Ripley in 2-3 footers and fished back east with the waves for three hours with no fish. No one we talked to had been doing well all week. Nice trip jut not a good catching trip.

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