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Port Maitland Ontario

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Was out October 8th for the evening bite and managed two walleye.


Lines down at 4.30pm and packed it up at 6.30.  Sun went down way too soon for my liking. We spent our time in 75 feet of water away from most boats which seemed to be in the high 80s or deeper

 We ran two worm harnesses and two sticks - a silver blue cotton Cordell and a white flicker minnow. The Cordell on the rigger set 10 feet off bottom took both fish.  Dipseys did nothing and nor did the tadpole diver.   Water was calm as forecasted.


Was out doing the same thing a few weeks back and we killed it. On pretty much the same set up we had our two man limit in less than three hours. I guess that's fishing. Still a great time. The weather was wayyy better than here in Stoney creek. Very sunny and hot enough to have the swim shorts on.


Happy fishing and happy Thanksgiving everyone. IMG-20180916-WA0006.jpeg


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