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2018 Deer season


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I tried to take the high road with my 1st response and we could have left it at that. Even with the bold text, caps and exaggerated punctuation my stance will remain. If me and my family our enjoying ourselves and take a pic here or there, were not bothering to set up a photo shoot so we dont offend some. So if this bothers you, there will be no need for you to open my 2019 deer season thread. Thanks again

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While I agree that pics should be done in such a way so as to prevent the antis from using them as fodder against us, I see nothing in this thread that is distastefull. In fact I think Steelies pics with his daughter, wife, and deer were done just fine and see nothing wrong with them. And Kid...I thought steelies first response to you was done very tastefully as well, but your response to him was was totally without taste or class. You'll garner no respect for your opinions that way. Steelie has a nice thread here, leave it alone.

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Sorry but I am Not looking for respect from everyone because I have to respect them first. People are either part of of the solution or part of the problem. Opinions are like noses everyone's got one. I got mine you got yours. Plus there are a lots of things in this society that are very wrong or could be done better or not at all.  If you can only feel comfortable showing/posting something to a specific audience that says it all. Just because some people think it's just fine that don't make it necessarily right or the best. I could make a list a mile long of things in this society that are wrong but some people think it's a ok. If You think that a deer pictured in a BIG pool of blood with it's tongue hanging out of deer is best that can be done, then so be IT, it's your opinion. I have more respect for the game I kill. It was just a suggestion that we can take better more professional pictures it wasn't a mandate. Do whatever you think is best.  Hugs and Kisses. 

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