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Found 21 results

  1. Report and pictures would go here.
  2. Anyone having any luck on perch out of sturgeon point
  3. Haven't been out in over a week and wonder if anyone has found any perch out of Buffalo or the Catt. Searched Foot of ferry and down the river, couldn't find any emeralds. Any help would be appreciate.
  4. Anyone ever do well fishing the Lower for perch? Suggestions?
  5. Gobbler

    Perch Perch

    This is the first year I've fished Erie and have heard some great things about the spring and fall perch fishing. Is it too early to try for some perch this weekend? I will be fishing out of SBH. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Has anyone been fortunate enough to be out perch fishing? If so, how have you done? I've been busy chasing venison with no luck yet. Merry Christmas to all members.
  7. Early spring perch, from ice off to end of spawning, can be found in shallow water, like ten foot of water and less. Using light action spinning rods with a split shot or two and a double hook, and emerald shiners, cast off the boat and slowly bring the minnow back to the boat. The boat spooks the perch away but by casting out you can reach the perch schooling up to prepare to spawn in the warmer shallow water. Even if ice is present they will be there on the beach. Casting away from the boat will bring the perch closer as they follow the slow moving minnows.
  8. Has anyone reported on the ice conditions in the SBH? Has there been any good fishing yet? Where is the best place(s) to get bait?
  9. Hanover boat launch Anyone know if the Hanover launch ramps are still in? Looking to get out Saturday if anyone has any info they would like to share. Thanks and tight lines to all..
  10. Port clinton perch Any reports on Port Clinton perch catch, or best place to perch fish right now?
  11. A few boats daily fishing for perch now but no reports from them, start looking at 55 foot depths. That is where the mud bottom meets the shale bottom and the mud is where the critters that perch feed on live. You can move out to 65 and 70 foot now the lake surface temperature is at 77 degrees. The perch can suspend above the thermocline but dive deeper to feed on the bottom mud. Your fish finder may indicate fish schools ten foot solid on the bottom at this time of year and you will only be able to handle one line as the perch will be on as soon as your line hits bottom. Extra lines result in fewer fish and lost bait as you waste time rebaiting those extra lines. Good luck and remember those unharvested perch do a number on your walleye and bass populations. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  12. Michigan waters for perch? Heading out Fri am looking for resent reports of perch locations. Went out last Wed and they were in 24-26' we got 4 man limit. Went out Sunday found them in 21-23' after checking the spot we limited at 4 days prior likely due to cooler temps.
  13. Perch Page-Spring 2017 If you Perch hounds are like me.... your pretty new perch rigs are all tied, fresh line down, reels lubed etc. Just chomping at the bit to get out there & whack em. Looking at my records from last year, my first trip to Erie perchn was March 26th...and whatta day it was!!! Has anyone been out yet? We have been "picking away" at em around the finger lakes a little. Nothing crazy.
  14. Anyone doing any good on perch? Have marked good looking scatter schools when I was out for eyes the last few times. Looking to take my kids this weekend for some perch. Princess poles and all! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  15. I haven't tried the perch fishing off Lorain for a few weeks. Anyone having luck yet, or are the little walleye still stealing the shiners?
  16. Went looking for perch off Catt towards st park on 5/18. Searched from 46 out to 60 fow...not much marked caught one perch. ..going out again this afternoon towards silver creek, will report back. Anything going in am today? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  17. Launched from Hidden Harbor at 7 am.Dropped anchor first at 53 ft straight out from the Catt.Marked a carpet of perch on bottom,not one hit!Tried four other normal productive spots,more of the same marking perch but no hits.Out of a dozen boats I seen (1)One Perch reeled in.We quit at 11 am and went to Milleys for lunch. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  18. Three fishermen stopped at 40, could have gotten our limit with no problems. 90 vehicles with trailers at the point. Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  19. Reports have it , that there were boats out of Sturgeon Point yesterday fishimg for perch. if any one knows how they made out , please post. They suppose to dredge the harbor this spring which means that when they do, the harbor will be closed.
  20. Anyone getting perch east end Canadian side?
  21. There appears to be a lack of emeralds in the river again. They were thick and heavy up to a month ago. We've been serching every day, with no luck . I just hope that this year doesn't turn out like last year. Does anyone know when the lift to Ft. Of Ferry will be completed?
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