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Those eyes

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  1. Those eyes


    when bottom bouncing, how do you keep your leader line from twisting up on the weight line? Thanks everyone for the responses, maybe I'm not reading my screen correctly, I'm in the middle of trying to update the software.
  2. Those eyes


    Thanks for the heads up, will start researching you tube for more information. Just got A new boat this year, figured I d start targeting walleye & perch, haven’t quite got the boat set up yet. Kinda leaning towards setting up for bottom bouncing, seems that’s the easiest and most economical right now, but putting the boat up soon. Hope to get to the walleye assoc mtgs for more information too!
  3. Those eyes


    The only method ive Tried is bottom bouncing a worm harness, haven’t tried any other methods, not sure how to. Anyways I troll anywhere from .7- 1.8. Just picked up some rods with leadcore on them but haven’t tried them, need to check out You Tube
  4. Those eyes


    Tans I appreciate any words of wisdom
  5. Those eyes


    What am I doing wrong, I was out of the Catt this morning, started out in 80fow, didn’t mark any fish . . Traveled west to out n front of the windmills in 70fow . . . No fish. Through out a chartreuse worm harness, not one bite, through ou another rod with a purple spoon tipped with a worm . . nothing . . . 6 hrs didn’t mark anything 2:30 decided to started in, switched to a triple D worm harness blue/black/clear nailed a 28” steelhead in 50’ of watertrolled for another hour and a half, marked nothing, decided to call it a day. It’s hard for believe everyone is limiting out and I don’t see anything, this was like my third time out in the last 30 days without marking fish, or able to catch more than one fish!
  6. Those eyes


    So who sells renosky lures, I see their site says they are closed permanently?
  7. Those eyes


    Question for all members, i have a Helix 7 SI GPS unit that I purchased last year that I haven't been able to get the SI or DI to work properly. Does anyone else have a unit like this that is working on their boat that I could switch my unit with to see if it might be my transducer and see if it works on their boat. This was the suggestion that Hummingbird gave me to verify if it was a problem with the head vs the transducer . . .
  8. Those eyes


    Went out of Catt last friday (8-31) in 65 FOW, nailed 4 in 2 hrs using worm harnesses. got off the water about 3pm, had enough for supper!
  9. Those eyes

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    Great footage, wished more people would do this Question, why were some of the bass black while others were a pale green?
  10. Spellcheck error *Smallies* ergo smallmouth Bass,
  11. Yes, there are some design problems and lack of clear signage here, I suggest responding to yours local politicians(mayor, councilman) who represent us to get to the correct agencies to solve these issues. Nothing gets done faster then complaining to a politician prior to an election.
  12. Fished this afternoon out in front of Hamburg beach, caught three real nice sallies, using deep rapala fire tiger patternin about 22’ water. Had a few more bites but unable to boat them . . .
  13. Those eyes

    Sturgeon point

    What town is this launch in? Hope this is not some political move she is trying to make a point about . . .maybe when she realizes the money lost for not having the launch open will speed her thought process up!
  14. Those eyes

    for sale Depth Radar

    Ok, no problem. Thanks for getting back to me.
  15. Those eyes

    sold / closed Sold

    What's the length and beam on this boat and the trailer year and length?