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  1. Ran out towards Hamburg for a while and ended up towards the windmills. Mostly in 32-38’. Running harnesses at about 1.3. Did not mark much at all the entire evening. Caught a couple of sheepshead and a smallmouth. No walleye. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  2. I’m heading out later today and will report back tomorrow.
  3. I have snubbers, but I don’t use them for walleye.
  4. I run 8’, 10lb flourocarbon leaders for my slide and non-slide magnum dipseys. I’ve had pretty good success with that setup and exclusively use them with stick baits. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  5. I have a 15hp EFI Mercury Pro kicker waiting for me at Cabelas. If the 9.9 was EFI, I might have gone that path. However, the 15 puts out twice the amperage. I've been told by others that it will get me down under 1.0, but at that speed, I'll probably use my Ulterra and save the kicker for cranks when I'm running higher speeds.
  6. Rapala Shadow Raps have been pretty good for me this year. I have a few different varieties, but the perch was pretty consistent.
  7. I was out Sunday morning trolling 4 dipseys and one 3 color down the middle all with sticks. Caught 1 sheep and 1 keeper on a perch patterned Rapala Shadow Rap, Deep . I was trolling just inside the USA line and I had a big boat catch up to me from behind on my port and kept pushing me closer and closer to the Canadian side. After about 45 minutes of this nonsense, he finally backed off and I turned south. It was busy and if I had caught up to him, I would had given him the leeway, but it was the opposite in my case. For me, it's just me and my 7 year old son, so I have to set rods and keep the boat straight at the same time. It gets a little hectic if there is a lot of traffic. I really didn't mark much until the very end after I pulled and stored all the rods and we where ready to leave. Of course.....that's just how it goes.
  8. That is just disrespectful .... simple as that. After just speaking to a friend of mine at work, he said that people are suppose to back out of their spot into the aisle and then continue down the aisle against the grain once again. That makes sense. If they had curbs at the spots so you couldn't pull through, that would force everyone to do the same and keep the traffic all flowing the same direction down the aisles. What really bothers me is that random truck that pulls way into the aisle so I have to maneuver around it as I go down the aisle.
  9. I launched Sunday morning and yes, I did pay more attention to the curbs. They are all marked up with wheel scuffs and one of the curbs at the exit has been crushed and is broken. Again, for me with a tandem axle trailer, I did not have an issue. I want to preface this next statement because it is not meant to be directed at anyone, but you need to go fairly slow and you definitely have to pay attention the whole way. Could those with poorer eyesight or diminished senses (e.g. peripheral view, reaction time) have a more difficult time? Certainly that is reasonable. They could have made the lanes wider and handle the launches better, but this is what we have until possible changes are made. Here's an issue I would like to mention. I travel "against the grain" down the aisles after I launch to park my truck/trailer because that would be the only way to enter a parking spot from that lane. However, when I pull forward out of my spot, I am now going with the grain down the aisle. Is there a correct protocol?
  10. I'm in my 50's, so maybe that doesn't count. :-) No T-bird or Blue Angel experience in my past or will be in my future. Never said that I loved the design, just provided an account of my experience. I know you stated that there are lots of black scuffs, but do you hit the curbs? Just my opinion, but I hate speed bumps and I'd rather not pull my loaded boat over them. I do agree that there should be a better way to meter out the boats that are trying to launch. However, they staff the shack with kids and that is no job for them.
  11. I'm a first time boat owner, so take that for what it's worth. I too have thought that the passages are narrow, but I have yet to hit them on the way in or out. I have a tandem trailer with a 21' boat in tow. When turning left or right, I always go to the opposite side close to the curb before turning the other way to navigate the turn and it's worked so far and I have an extended mid-size truck towing my boat. As far as the fish cleaning station is concerned, I have not had any problems yet, but I do wish they would make it easier to access it. The parking lot in which it is located is a permit lot, but sometimes I stop there quick in the early morning to use the restroom and leave the hazards flashing on my boat. After a day's catch, I usually try to park my boat a little closer, but always have to make the trek over to the station with my cooler. My friend told me that the curb on the exit is smashed due to trailers running over it, but I have not seen it yet up close.
  12. I have Okuma Blue Diamond wire roller rods. 2 in 10' length and 2 in 8'6" length. I just looked again on FishUSA where I bought them this past winter and I no longer see the 8'6" wire model for sale. I use them with the regular size dipsy and they pull great, but the 10' is definitely stiffer. Finally, I plan to use them both for walleye and salmon. Caught a few walleye so far, but no salmon yet. With the 10' rods, I put 25' of PowerPro at the end of the wire so I can break down the rod for storage and not worry about kinking the wire.
  13. Treated water was discharged, not sewage. http://www.post-journal.com/news/local-news/2018/07/dunkirk-wastewater-plant-overflows-sunday/
  14. I've been lurking for a little while, but decided to formally register now. I've been fishing my whole life, but it's always been from shore or once in a while on a buddy's boat. This spring I finally saved enough over the last several years to buy a new Ranger and now I'm getting educated on safe boating and fishing techniques that were not used from shore. Additionally, I plan to share a lot of these memories with my son who is 7.
  15. I had some wobble in one of my SB-3 downrigger risers and I sent that portion to Traxstech for repair. They sent me a new one free of charge and they paid for shipping back to me. That's pretty good!
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