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I Found an Old Shipwreck on Lake Erie with My Side Imaging (Underwater Video)

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Who still uses their side scan fairly regularly?  I had it on my old boat, then when I got my fiberglass Ranger it didn't come with it.  I didn't replace it for several years.  I finally got it back on my boat I got in the fall.  Man, I didn't realize how much I missed it until I put back on this boat.  I was scouting around Lake Erie and came across a couple old wrecks on the bottom that I never knew were there.  I had my ice fishing camera with me, and I was able to drop that down as well and get a decent look at it with the fish around it.  I have to say it was my highlight of fishing year so far.  I think I enjoy finding something new to fish as much as catching a big one sometimes.  This spot did hold good smallmouth too.


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