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I have been a member for a while now but never introduced myself. I am 73 born in Jamestown TN Their mom moved her 7 kids to Muncie Indiana. I was 14 and started working in a canning factory and have worked ever since except for my 4 years in the marine corps. now and have fished almost all my life. I got my release from the Marine Corps in 76 and started salmon fishing in MI the same fall. but in the winter of 80 ice fishing for crappie, I caught my 1st walleye ever. caught it with a Johnson Century reel with a 4# line. it was so huge I thought I would never get it through the small hole. it was 29 1/2" and 9.5# I was hooked on walleye after that. fished Erie's western basin a year later and loved just drifting with the boat doing all the work. some years later, I moved to Geneva Ohio to fish the central basin for larger fish and it was amazing. got married in 71 when I was 20 and my wife was 16 and were happy and still together after all these years.


I still love fishing but don't fish much as all my old fishing buddies are dead or moved away. i used to deer hunt in all ways legal but now I'm lucky to get to muzzleloader hunt for a few days. my hunting is dependent on my oldest son's hunting.

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