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20lb torpedo 7 strand wire


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Normally the Torpedo 7 strand trolling wire is used with a dipsey diver or a weight to achieve depth as it has no weight on its own.  Wonder if you are confusing the 7 strand with the Torpedo Weighted Steel line?  The Weighted Steel is supposed to go down 20 feet per 100 feet let out.  Two different and distinct products.

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Walleye Copper at 2.0 gps- 100’ down 25’, 150’ down 31’, 200’ down 43’, 250’ down 55’, and 300’ ft down 65’.  From Blood Run site.  I ran a 250’ last year and it fished decent.  Likely will try a 200’ or a 2nd 250 this year.  For short sections lead core works better to me.  

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I fish 20lbs single strand stainless wire and the dive curve is 1' for every 10' of wire out + your crank depth.

So, if you run a Rapala DHJ-12 which has a max trolling depth of 19' and 300' of wire. You running 49' deep at 2 mph.

180' and 300' are common leads down here in the Central Basin.

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