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Jumbo perch and walleyes for the Bill’s game time.

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Jr. and I spent the game time checking the score on the cell phone. In 65 foot of water we found scattered groups of perch , all jumbo sized, scattered around. They quickly took golden shiners but also quickly disappeared . After an hour we ran several miles to 75 foot of water due West . There we found suspended walleyes stacked up in the area 70 foot down. Action was slow with a Northeasterly blowing. The screen displayed large hooks stacked up to 85 foot out but the action was slow, only two taken on harnesses set on the riggers at 70 foot and bottom bouncing. Maybe we started too late and the NE winds were a problem but as the cold nights coming up now, we will find the fishing moving shallow. The stomach of the perch had no minnnows but tiny plankton critters. Serious problem may be a lack of bait out there due to divers reporting record numbers of walleye in the river and lake. Walleyes may be a problem no one anticipated .



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