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Dr. Dave & I decided to get some musky trolling in before the rain storms rolled in Sunday.We went north and started near Mayville Flats.In 15 ft to 27 ft water we marked mostly nothing,water temp was 71.5 degrees.Moving out to 30 ft water between metal wall and Irwing Bay we started marking bait fish and an occasional big hook.Trolling toward Bell Tower from 30 ft we caught a 37" musky on Boss Shad 5" in Goldie color.As we skirted 37 ft water around the 50 ft hole infront of the Bell Tower we began to mark lots of big hooks right on bottom,also on bottom in 35 ft down toward Pendergast Point.So we got the cold front out to the deep on bottom close mouth musky syndrome. We gave up at 2 pm just before the heavy rains rolled in.South end looked pretty nasty with algae so we avoided it.North end is starting to get that tea stain appearance that happens just before roll over.


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