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    • Great Lakes Fishery Commission

      Makes a great if not tedious at times read.  Some good news and some potential bad news in there about the eastern basin.  I read the forage base, walleye and perch reports.  The forage base was bad as far as smelt were concerned. They make up 25% of the walleye diet. Walleye size and weight/ length has gone down in the past two years possibly because of the lower smelt numbers.  Emeralds, especially the 1 yr olds, have gone up dramatically though. That might offset the smelt problem. Perch popu

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    • Great lakes 47lc handle

      If anyone knows where to get a replacement handle or has a parts reel for sale I would be interested.I would also be open to ideas on modifying a differant handle to fit....reel is a diawa great lakes 47lc ...thanks

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    • 2018 Lake Erie United Giveaway!

      2017 Lake Erie United Giveaway! Lake Erie United - Weekly Giveaway Last year we started Lake Erie United (LEU), sister site to Lake Ontario Untied (LOU) in hopes that anglers from around Lake Erie would find a need for a modern community where they could share, learn and engage with each other without the worry of being harassed. In only a few short months LEU already has almost 700 members and we are not even a year old yet. 2017 is shaping up to be very exciting! This year we ha

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    • Great Lake Erie Smallmouth and Largemouth Bite (Jumbo Perch)

      I had an excellent day on the lake fishing for bass.  I thought those darn things would be on the humps, but they fooled me.  They were shallow this particular day along the shoreline.  Caught some real nice smallmouth and largemouth.  Plus had a jumbo perch!  

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    • Great Lakes Temperature

      Interesting article about the temperature of the great lakes this year.   https://www.mlive.com/weather/...kes_water_temperatures_10.html   Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk    

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