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  1. I'll hopefully recon tomorrow
  2. What's everyone think of getting out Sunday morning wind wise?
  3. I've only given literal gps coordinates to one person, my dad. Lol welcome aboard good luck this year should be a banner year for some
  4. Fished this morning smashed the eyes in the tough weather. Up to St Lawrence tomorrow for the week.
  5. I put a senko on a harness for shits and giggles and got three on Saturday lol.
  6. Hot bite today, all on sticks behind dipsys and leadcore
  7. The fish are there , go get em! Good luck
  8. Besides the ramp itself being an absurd design I don't see a problem. Idiots will always take too much time and not care about others. I pull through the parking spot whichever way I can and pull straight out whichever way. The worst part to me is the weekends coming in about 12 or so all the pleasure boats launching on the retrieval side.
  9. Lou only seems better because it's way more active(imo) I fish it sometimes but am a die hard Erie and walleye guy so this site is great. I'm always willing to give up some info when I remember to log on lol.
  10. Noticed the majority of fish on Sunday were tight to the bottom. Caught some on heavy bottom bouncers, dipsys took two and 7 color took one.
  11. Got ya thanks! Any guesses or knowledge on wave conditions today and tomorrow? I wanna fish and am new to erie
  12. Wow didn't think it would be four footer today, maybe good I slept in
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