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  1. 1.4 mph 7oz bottom bouncers up front with 4 oz off the back. Opted away from riggers after setting them and reading the graph
  2. Milt we we started in 41 foot in front of closest windmill to the harbor and trolled til we found some (not far from that spot)
  3. Huge day out of buffalo today. Could have had a 12 fish limit in the box by 730 but we were releaseing today just out for fun with dad. Put well over 30 in the boat, awesome morning!
  4. Launched out of harbor around 7 made a pass and had a quick limit, it's crazy how some guys flock right to a boat getting the net out!! Lol nice day out
  5. Riggered

    Wind direction

    East wind this morning, non stop bite.
  6. Bite was stupid hot last night, great night.
  7. Riggered


    Also been hot for us. Day time bite is setting up nicely boated two limits back to back days can't complain!
  8. Internet police are on this site too?? Lol nice catch congrats
  9. Riggered

    Late nite fishin

    Pics or you got skunked. Lol but really congrats, lots of guys didn't do well. How many did you boat?
  10. What a difference a night makes. Beautiful night and only got two after sunset. Trolled til 11. Barely made it off the ramp before the firetrucks and police rolled in to look for the missing boater. Hope all ends up ok. Did 3 before dark 2 after.
  11. Agreed it was brutal lol. I only had my normal lights and didn't do much at all.
  12. Fished in rain last night. 9 keepers between two of us. Back at it later.
  13. Plan to start my walleye season Friday