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  1. Thanks canuknucklehead for the post. I will pass along any successes I have when on Erie. Like I said, I’ve fish northern Ontario in the past mostly and I like to either troll or bottom bounce. I like worm harnesses too very much (I’m starting to have too many lol). Mounted my helix 7 yesterday and moved the old lowrance elite 4 to the bow. Boat is going to go in for a tune up today, so hopefully I’ll be out there soon. Any news on boat launches that are open? I’ve done quick searches online but many open in May only. The marina and cafe in Bing isn’t opened. It’s an ok ramp. I prefer the one in Turkey point, but it’s far to ride out back towards maitland. I saw on google maps there is a ramp called williamsoni ramp along lakeshore near Selkirk...but it doesn’t look like there is much there. Anybody been out there? I will drive by eventually and report back. happy fishing!
  2. Sorry if I offended anyone with my opening request for hotspots. Didn’t think it was a big deal...but whatever. Thanks canuknucklehead for the info. I have always believe in helping fellow outdoorsmen, but I guess some take offence to requests for general hotspots. As I said, I’m a long time fisherman but am new to Erie fishing...just wanted a little guidance in where folks go.
  3. Good morning everyone! Even though we had snow Sunday, I’m itching to get on Lake Erie. Newer at fishing the lake, normally fish in northern Ontario. As good fishermen do, I was looking to see if anyone had coordinates for early spring walleye and perch. Looking to launch in Port Dover or port Maitland area. May even go as far as Port Butwell (once the ramp opens up). Any feedback or information on ramps, hot spots would be greatly appreciated. I have a Grumman 16.5 foot bow rider with 88hp Evinrude and 9.9 kicker. New to me boat as of last year, it is older (1988) but I got it for a steal of a deal...and it’s my first boat. Adding a helix 7 di gps finder as it came with an old lowrance. Bought two manual downriggers from a buddy who upgraded to electric ($200 for both). Good luck fishing and may your rods be bent and your daily limits full Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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