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  2. I totally agree. as long as this virus is around I think restrictions should be tighter than they are. people in places like Indiana that has a lockdown should enforce it. I went to the drug store on the 3rd and traffic was about normal. that many people could not have needed to be out.
  3. Great video. I have already ordered two baitcasting reels after reading these reels review. Waiting to receive my new Shimano Metanium MGL and Abu Garcia Revo MG Extreme. Hope they will satisfy my expectaitons? Have someone already used them?
  4. Rapalas, Reef runners ,hottentots, rattle traps. $40 716-425-0063 JOE PHONE CALLS ONLY Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. Yesterday
  6. Unfortunately it’s the right move.... people just are not getting it...... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  7. as long as things are better by july it doesn't bother me. but we rented a house in Ashtabula the last 2 weeks of july. but I feel for all the others that have made plans.
  8. WHen you speak of club are you referring to South Town Walleye? Im not a member but wouldn't mind joining. I sort of agree with the facts that yeah many young kids are not interested in the outdoors. But that to be honest is due to parents who really got little to no interest in it too. I raised my kid from the age of 5 to get himself out in the woods. throughout the winter small game hunting was a mainstay. for us. His passion was waterfowl much like mine. Turkey, rabbit, pheasant or anything we could hunt even good old Chuck hunting was our way of screwing off. As far as fishing goes. hell he got broke in at birth. We had a place on Silver. went weekly to it then of course ice fished it as much as possible. He is on of a select few who loved the outdoors. although we got into a big ass fight we no longer speak which sux I did my best teaching him how to get along in the outdoors. What I will miss is 2 grand sons who who the hell knows if they get to wet a line or not. Most of this generation we didnt show our kids what it would be to survive if needed on nature. its too bad too. Im more than willing to still show others how to do it. I got to laugh at the Bass statement. Everyone wants to be a bass fisherman. LOL Hell Id take Perch any day Northern Pike second then Eyes as far as table fare goes. Crappies fits right in there with panfish but seems they are getting scarce to find at least good keepers Id say. I still put blame on the decline of quality fish due to ice fishing. Too many fish are egg laiden during winter then stripped out well before they had a chance to spawn out. Years ago Im talking the 60s and 70s we ice fished in the open. a light duty wind break a coffee can filled with charcoal for heat and thats it. Now days huts propane heat and a -10 day is still 70 degrees inside the hut. makes it a little to comfortable to sit out on the ice and put a limit of fish in a bucket . Too many big breaders are getting stripped out and no time for recovery on a lake. Hope to catch up with you sometime seems we got a lot in common it could be a good time BSing out on the water
  9. New to this site and loving it already. Fish out of Sturgeon POINT and catt creek. Will keep you posted with how the fish are biting. Sent from my LML413DL using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. As of 4/6/2020 Ohio DNR has suspended sale of non-resident fishing and hunting licenses until further notice. Current existing license holders can continue to use privileges. Ohio is also asking non-residents entering the state to self quarantine for two weeks.
  11. The cat is short for the catteragus creek in silver creek ny
  12. What and where is the cat?
  13. 50 to 60 feet is about 1 to 2 miles off Sturgeon PT
  14. The perch just kinda suck on your minnow so if you feel any extra weight on the end of your line its probably a perch.50 to 60 feet is about 1 to 2 miles off Sturgeon.
  15. Sturgeon Point is about six miles along the shoreline but the fishing is great off the Catt. Do not look for a group of boats, look for a boat or boats catching fish before anchoring up. Your graph will show hooks on the bottom and that is good to start there.
  16. Caught 31 perch in 53 foot of water off the cat
  17. Last week
  18. New to sight. These perch are on the bottom that deep, 50-60ft? How far off sturgeon point is that? Also, is it good off the small boat harbor?
  19. Our failure to take more perch and walleyes is because too much fishing concentrated on bass and other fish. A big reason is the cleaning and processing of our catch is a lost art since our youth have no interests in fish cleaning, as well as their parents. At the fishing club meetings very few of the anglers are under 60 years old. Face it fishing has lost interest like pheasant , rabbit and squirrel hunting where cleaning of your game is a lost art. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  20. If you accept PayPal I will take 2 sets of swivel bases and the 2 base mount dual rod holders ! Thanks email me I’ll give you my info Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  21. $140.00 for the pair buyer pays shipping Big Jon Swivel Mounting Bases 2 bases and 2 mounting plates for sale $50.00 per Swivel base includes mounting plate Buyer pays shipping 4) Penn 209's mounted on Eagle Claw Trolling rods $120 for all buyer pays shipping
  22. Nope Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  23. Upper river is loaded just about everywhere, I have been dipping Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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