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  2. Come Fish Lake Erie site is a one stop shop for Eastern Lake Erie. Pick your port, pick your target species then get a list of Captains. With one click you are on their site for details and rates. Free to use and free for Captains in New York waters. As Larry has pointed out this marketing campaign is just getting rolling in the promotion of Charter Fishing in New York waters of Lake Erie. Should bring some positive attention to our great fishing. If you haven’t be sure to visit Come Fish Lake Erie site.
  3. (2) Daiwa Saltist 30lc in good working condition with normal wear and were used 7-8 years. Loaded with 1000’ 7 strand Torpedo wire and mono backer so the spools are properly full. $300/both + $15 for shipping if needed. I’m in the Rochester area.
  4. https://fb.watch/jr4H8Rkm3e/ Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. I purchased a new boat at the beginning of last year and it came with two Smooth Move suspensions for the driver and passenger. The back seats did not have it. Fished one season and loved them so much that I had one installed on the back seat. I remove one seat to give me more room so that is why I only did one of the rear seats. Cannot say enough about them. I have a StarCraft Fishmaster. Love these seats, not sure where you are from but if interested I can give you the details. Happy to share. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  6. I am now 80 years old and fished blue pike with my DAD 70 years ago. Over the years and attended hundreds of fishermen meetings on fishing access places on LAKE ERIE and recall a meeting years ago on the Sturgeon Point Marina access site. A fellow stood up and identified himself as an oceanographer. That is the study of water currents, tides and shoreline storm laden waters. He identified the Sturgeon Point site as a storm water disaster site and said the point on the lake is the worst place to put a marina. Of course all the "Old TImers" ignored him and today we have to deal with the mess we have there. FiXING THE BREAKWALL IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. The sand and storms will return resulting in dredging costs and breakwater repairs will return. The money spent will be better invested in a new Marina in other sites.
  7. If your handy you can make your own out of tractor seat suspension. Look on ebay or similar, way cheaper than smooth moves and really the same thing. Sent from my SM-S908U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  8. Just wondering if anyone here uses the suspension seat made by smooth moves... just want to see if it's worth the investment. Nothing worse then being on the lake with a bad back Sent from my SM-S515DL using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  9. Turbulent sediment loaded storm waters will always fill an area on a Point of the lake with sediments in the calmer water inside the marina. Fixing the breakwater is like peeing up a drain pipe, a waste of time and money. The Ontario Crystal Beach Marina is an effective construction that could be located at Woodlawn Beach State Park. Closer to the local population users.
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  11. Detroit River fishing video summer of 2022. You never know what you're going to catch on the Detroit River. This particular day was a great multi species day on the river. There aren't too many fisheries that hold the number of fish that the Detroit River does. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting on the right area. Come along for a trip on the Detroit River with R & J Bass Fishing. Detroit River Fishing Video Click Here
  12. I am a firm believer that anyone starting out fishing Erie should take at least 1 day out on a charter using the style of fishing they are planning to use. I had trolled the western basin for a few years just flatlining cranks and catching plenty of fish. but when we moved to the central basin we were totally lost. so, we took a charter out that used dipsy divers to get down to the fish. I had never seen a dipsy used and had no idea what to do. i didn't choose a charter using them but it just turned out our charter used divers. I went out on a charter a few yrs later that ran inline boards but I liked using divers much better. on the 1st day, we had started setting our own lines with 6 lines out. on the second day of the charter, we were running everything but driving the boat. by the end of day 2, we were able to fish with 6 lines on our own. now we did still make mistakes the biggest being setting the rigs out on the wrong side of the boat. but to be really honest it would have taken us at least 10 yrs on our own to be able to learn what we did in 2 days on the charter. most people will never learn to run 6 divers unless someone teaches them. and we still did and still do need to learn. the biggest thing was getting to know how much line to let out to reach the fish. if you want to be a fair fisherman in Erie I highly recommend using a good charter like the one here or ask for recommended charters in the area you plan to fish the most.
  13. Those Captains not listed are missing out on a massive advertising & marketing campaign funded through Cares Act ! Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  14. There are still a large number of NY State Lake Erie Charter Fishing Captains that have not listed for Free on Come Fish Lake Erie Facebook & Webpage! Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  15. Look for Come Fish Lake Erie billboards along I-90 at Seneca Reservation soon! Also at intersection of NY 219 & I-86 in Salamanca. Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  16. Mercury Pro Kicker manufacturer date 2018, sold new in 2019. Last used in 2021. This is a very nice Pro Kicker that was the main motor on a Lund Alaskan used on restricted HP lakes. The boat also had a 112# thrust MinnKota bowmount. I bought the boat and put a 60HP tiller motor on it, and with the bow mount I have no need for a kicker. It comes with the remote controls, power trim and tilt, and a 4 blade prop. It's located in Chester cty PA. Selling price is $2200.
  17. Last day of the WNY Outdoors & Travel Expo stop by the Come Fish Lake Erie booth. Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  18. For some years I used Garmin. It's easy in use, has clear interface.
  19. Hello everyone. I'm thinking to buy a motorboat, so first I must decide what exactly I need. Anyway glad to join and find out more about your experience.
  20. Northland Snap Jig in Firetiger working edge of 15ft hump off Cargill grain silo pier down 32ft drop. Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  21. Be sure to ask about on going walleye bite in South Gap Buffalo Harbor open season thru March 14th. Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  22. Stop by the Come Fish Lake Erie booth at WNY Outdoors & Travel Expo March 10,11 & 12th and find out how to Win $100 Certificate to use on any one of our listed Fishing Charters! Sent from my SM-S911U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  23. Thanks Mr Sparrow Salesman at Cabelas told me my existing Navionics map chip will interface directly into the Garmin so I can see all my existing way points which is where I save all my walleye catches. The Navionics chip I have is very accurate for depth contours.
  24. Radar and Sonar staying with boat Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  25. Jim, I've run a Garmin 93SV for a few years now and like it. it is paired with a gt-52hw-tm transducer. There are newer transducers offered now. The touch screen is a great feature IMO. I like the quick removal feature for the display also. I troll for walleyes and live bait perch fish, and find that it performs fine in those applications. it's intuitive to use and won't take too long to figure out. The one thing I don't like is the mapping that comes standard with the unit....... it is not accurate for depth.
  26. I'm not worried about it getting stolen, cause I never leave my electronics on board, because it gets to hot with the mooring cover installed. The circuit boards can't take that kind of heat. I'm staying away from Lowrance because they won't repair anymore. They tell you to throw stuff away and buy a new one. I hate Amazon. The owner is a A-hole and I'd rather pay more than make him even richer
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