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  2. For sale. Complete Sub Troll, trolling system, includes all cables, antenna and probe. $300 Pick up only or possibly meet half way.
  3. New price $80 Sent from my SM-S515DL using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. Hundreds of boats launched off Woodlawn Beach years ago. A ramp east of the Hotel sold bait and launched boats. The sand bar forms when turbid storm waters near shore settle the the sand debris on the ramps. Crystal Beach in Ontario has a fine ramp and parking lot for all residents and visitors. Good things do not happen here.
  5. The dead zones in Lake Erie are the result of Western Basin agriculture fertilizers from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The plankton growth explodes in the western Basin and results in the dead zones on the lake bottom as the oxygen concentration falls in the deepest waters.
  6. Hey Jim, Which boat launch is that? The State launch close to the mouth of the Catt or Hanover? Didn't think either of them open until later in spring. Thanks, Bob
  7. Decaying biologics, plankton, fish, plants consume the oxygen on the lake bottom and the thriving walleyes, etc. will suspend above the low oxygen areas.
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  9. For fourteen years I worked gill nets mainly for walleyes in the eastern basin of Lake Erie. After 65 degree surface water temperature the walleyes moved west of Sturgeon Point. The White Dunkirk Fish Tug moved from the eastern basin after the July Fourth, Then it picked up and went off shore of Dunkirk to fish for perch and walleyes there. After the "hook and liners" influenced the regulations to regulate American fishermen and processors out of their jobs, the Canadian industries assumed the harvest and processing business. During the Depression Lake Erie fed a lot of families here. My Grandfather left home at 5:00 AM daily to fish for the local markets.
  10. Early Spring SW winds blow warmer surface waters to our near areas Walleye and Perch spawn around 52 degree surface waters in our bays and shoreline areas. Rocky and gravel grounds are the main attractions here. Hard bottoms keep the eggs aerated to hatch.
  11. Minnow check, Monday. A few around but no ice this year with possible early run after the river water warms up. Usually March 17 is prime time.
  12. If post is visable the item is available. $250 cash with local Pickup. Shipping Available $15 with PayPal. The Sport Hunter SD-1825X Camo is an incredibly versatile training collar and a good choice for all-around use. It is designed for a wide range of dog handlers including pet owners, obedience trainers, bird hunters, rabbit hunters, and waterfowl hunters. The SD-1825X Camo features 1 mile of range. Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof and submersible. The 1825X Camo can be expanded to control up to six dogs by adding SportDOG Brand Add-A-Dog collars. The comfortable "soft coat" transmitter finish makes this unit a pleasure to handle. The No-look design allows you to keep an eye your dog and not on your transmitter. The low continuous stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels on the SD-1825X Camo are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds. You can customize your SportDOG SD-1825X Camo to match your training preference. It comes out of the box set up in MODE-5 (a 21-level continuous one dog collar with non-stimulation tone), but it can easily be changed into 14 different modes with different button configurations.
  13. Still for sale 5000 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  14. We are only a couple of days away from one of the largest collections of Walleye Exhibitors and Education offered anywhere in the Great Lakes. If you are looking to see everything you need to fish Lake Erie Walleye from tackle to electronics all in one location at “Show” pricing and to learn from the Experts on how best to use them, this is the show you need to attend. With over 30 seminars for the Lake Erie Walleye anglers to choose from all included with the daily admission price of $10, the money you are going to save by taking advantage of the show pricing and free parking, you will not want to miss this event. Greater Niagara Fishing Expo “The Teaching Fishing Show” February 15 – 18, 2024. Greater Niagara Fishing Expo | Niagara Falls, NY
  15. Hamburg has talked about building a state of the art marina between Hamburg Beach and Lago. Haven't heard any updates lately. A private partner with cash (Paladino) could really move things along.
  17. Does anyone think they will ever get it right!? 1.5 million , 1 million for the politicians and .5 for poor repairs!
  19. Amish farmers without electricity except solar panels use a headlamp with a brilliant bright light to tend to their farm work after dark use from " Millertech" this headlamp.. No oil lantern with its flame just a brilliant light that really is powerful. Firefighters, Police Officers and night time auto mobile workers find it the best out there. Hikers on the highway, night fishermen and hunters after dark in the woods need it to travel safely. Available from the Amish store near Black Creek, NY is a better visit than the outdoor stores near you, take the family for an afternoon ride to ride on NY Route 305, between route 19 and 16 there since afternoon TV football is over and check this place over, no signs or Sunday sales though. Take mama for dinner farther south of Cuba NY and Sprague's Maple Farm's is a fine dinner visit. Turkey dinners are the specialty along with pot roast, etc. The Amish store sells real "lard" excellent for flaky pie crust and barn boots, etc.
  20. Wednesday a good catch of perch came in from 55 to 65 foot of water off Pt. Breeze to the Evangola Bar drop off. Access was Cattaraugus Boat Ramp Launch. From there for a continuous bite, large perch.
  21. i Pic was taken last Saturday. This is what 1.5 million bucks gets us. Gonna be a short launching season unless they dredge.
  22. Life jackets efficiently curtail search and rescue efforts. Death Certificates can be issued for Life insurance and Social Security records. Your spouse and children can collect their lawful benefits better.
  23. Life Jackets being worn are required at this time of year.
  24. There were boats out today Sent from my SM-G781V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  25. Railroad crossing delays, Trains of up to four miles long can delay access to and from Cattaraugus Creek boat ramps. Be aware! Creek fishing supports walleye, rainbow and catfish spawning depending on desired water temperatures. Also a boat ramp on the Seneca Nation side with moorings with a Seneca Nation fishing license can be accessed from "the Old Lake Shore Road" and a .bumpy at times roadway. Deep water holes of sixteen feet deep are close to the railroad bridges.
  26. Sounds good…… it would work and that’s the only reason it will never happen….. dumb ideas and dumb people to the front of the line….. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  27. Here is a thought. Take the 53 million dollars that NYS is giving in prepaid credit cards to border jumpers, and build a new marina on Lake Erie. Then let the border trespassers work there at $5 per hour until their court date comes up. After court sends them back where they came from, bring in a new batch. They can be housed at Gowanda prison that Democrats closed after releasing all the other criminals that used to live there, while they wait on court date. Win Win Win
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