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no one is posting about anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey guys i'm guilty of not posting enough on this site. i have been a member for some time with very few posts. we have plenty of members that fish Erie. but not only do we like hearing about Erie but any type fishing you want to post. you can even post about things non fishing related. let's get this site up and running so we have a place to come to for whatever. 


lake erie has been my fishing grounds for about 45 yrs now. we got started in the western basin and went about every weekend from memorial weekend until the middle or late july. the way we got started was by following some friends up that fished there. these guys told us how to fish and what weight forwards spinners to have. we followed them out from collie canal and went past the intake about half way to west sister and shut down. we were using all spinning gear and let out line until we thought was enough. then we set our rods against the gunnel and just let the boat drift. we usually had our limits by noon each day fishing this way.


after a few yrs. the zebra mussel cleared the water, and the fish numbers went down and the fish were more scattered, so we started trolling. we were still using spinning gear. we used the 2" hot n tot and the wiggle wart as our go to bait. but we tried any deep diving plug at one time or the other. we just let baits out enough we thought it would catch fish and it did.


a few yrs. later we moved to the central basin because they were getting bigger fish. but it was a whole new ball game. i bought all new line counter reels and rods. but i didn't know squat about how to fish it. so we took a charter out 2 days that used dipsy divers. on the 1st day we started helping him set lines and reset them after we got a fish. by the 2nd day we did all thew work and the caption just watched over us. by the time we went on our own we were able to run 3 divers per side plus 1 downrigger per side. we did get a few tangles but that got much better as we learned more about fishing with divers. our biggest thing we still needed to find fish and how far out our divers needed to be to get down to the fish. then i changed divers to the cannon deeper divers that dixdn't use rings that kept coming off on the dipsy. but later i gave the lite bite slide diver. and i use then like a dipsy and don't use the slide part but love the lite bite feature because to me it's priceless. i will never switch back to the standard diver. 


good luck next season and start posting.

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