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36th Annual Southtowns Walleye Association Derby

CSH Kucinski

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US-Canadian border is closed to passenger rail, passenger ferry travel and pleasure boat travel to all non-essential citizens of both countries, until 11:59PM, June 22nd, 2020. It may be amended or rescinded prior to that time, based on circumstances associated with the specific threat or lack thereof. (link included below for reference from the US DHS official documentation page 5) In accordance with this mandate the Southtowns Walleye Association of WNY, Inc. Annual Derby will be observing all rules and laws set forth by the both countries and in accordance with our previously published rules (#10 specifically in our rule package, see link below) Therefore based on the current Federal and Provincial mandates, we will not be accepting Canadian participants to fish the Derby at this time. Conversley we are not allowing particpants of the derby to enter and/or fish in Canadian waters. Our Derby begins at 12:01 am, June 13th 2020 and all rules and laws that are in place at the time of startup will be in effect and maintained throughout the Derby until its close at 4pm on June 21st, regardless of any changes to border openings during the course of the event, this ensures a consistent and measured approach in maintaining the highest level of ethics and standards for our club and our participants while fishing.  It is expected that all of our participants will continue to exhibit the best in sportsman like conduct on and off of the water and observing all applicable rules and laws. We look forward to seeing all of you signing up at the club and fishing on the water. If border restrictions are lifted on or before June 10th, we will vacate all above restrictive policies.

See information below on the dates, times and details of how you can sign up online or in person at the Club.  Additionally all of the sign up stations should be open but we would recommend calling first.  Bill’s Hooks, Barcelona Market, Cabela’s, Dave’s Bait & Tackle, Fish USA, Nature’s Prize, Niagara Outdoors, Nick’s Sporting Goods & Westfield Bait & Tackle
Tight Lines,
The STWA Derby Committee.
Reference Link to DHS Documentation: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/20_0519_as1_frn_us-canada-border.pdf
Reference Link to STWA Derby Rules: https://www.southtownswalleye.com/images/Forms/2020_Derby_Rules.pdf



36th Annual STWA Derby Flyer.jpg


Bounty Fish 2020.jpg


Yellow Pike Cup Giveaway 2020.jpg

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To keep up with social distancing guidelines and gatherings of 10 or less, we're going to keep our online Derby sign up page active on our website until 12:00 pm June 12th. WE WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING MAIL IN DERBY ENTRY FORMS AFTER MAY 30TH. You must provide a valid email address on your online sign up form. Once the entry is processed on our end we will email you a PDF copy of your entry slip to print out. In that email there will be instructions to follow as far as what to do with your form once you receive it. We also advise saving the form and a picture of your fishing license to your mobile devices. You can present your entry form and fishing license electronically at all weigh stations.
A link will be provided at the bottom of this post to our Derby Sign Up Page.

We will still be doing in person Derby sign ups at the club on: Thursday June 4th 5:30-7:30 PM
Thursday June 11th 5:30-8:00 PM
Friday June 12th 12:00-6:00 PM
No entries will be accepted after 6:00 PM on June 12th.

All outlying sign up stations will be picked up at Noon on Thursday June 11th so if your planning on utilizing a sign up station please do so by Noon on June 11th.


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We are pleased to announce our 36th Annual Walleye Derby Book is now available for download, we are not printing books this year due to the impacts of COVID-19. Please take the time to dowload and read through the entire book, we have made significant changes this year to the rules along with adding in additional information for our weigh stations and state mandated social distancing guidelines.



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Weigh station times and locations are as follows:

Photo 1: The Clubhouse hours are 3-7 Pm. Last day hours are 2-4 Pm

Photo 2: Sunset Bay State Marine park at the Cattaraugus Creek. Hours are 2-5 Pm. Last day hours are 2-4 Pm

Photo 3: Dunkirk Harbor Near the entrance of the West Dock. West side of the launch ramp. Hours are 2-5 Pm. Last day hours are 2-4 Pm

Photo 4: Barcelona Harbor under the Pavillion at the Harbor Master building. Hours 1-4 Pm. Last day hours are 1-4 pm

All the photos have a red pin at the exact location of the scales. Please bring a mask and maintain proper social distancing.

Please note at the Sunset Bay Weigh Station we have cones set up at 6 ft intervals per NYS Parks request. They also will have stricter guidelines in place. Please enter from the front of the trailer. Park along the east side of the storage fence and they ask that you do not block the flow of traffic or any vechicles.

You and your partners that have been fishing together all day on the boat can enter the weigh station together as a group. Please wait your turn if your not part of that group.

Each weigh station will have different procedures in place due to the set up of the station. Each group of Station Volunteers will have different levels of comfort as far as Covid 19 goes. Please be respectful and do as they ask for their safety concerns. Each station will differ from each other, and each station differ day to day as far as the volunteers level of comfort goes. Please remember most of our volunteer attendants are retired seniors that will be doing the weighing of your fish.

Without these volunteers we can not have a Derby, so please do not hassel them or get argumentative with them. Doing so will be an automatic disqualification from the Derby for unsportsmanlike conduct. Even though we are on the verge of phase 3 the Covid 19 Threat is still prevalent.

You must be in line by the time the weigh station closes to be eligible to weigh your fish. If you enter after the close of the station you will have to weigh your fish on the following day. We do have the Clubhouse scales open until 7 Pm for the later fisherman.

Any fish caught after the close of the weigh station MUST be weighed in by the close of the weigh station on the following day. NO EXCEPTIONS! You can have another derby entrant weigh your fish for you if need be. Provide them with a clear cell phone or tablet photo of your entry form, and a photo of your valid fishing license for that municipality that the fish was caught in. They do not need your actual entry paperwork and license.

You may weigh your own fish with photos of both your entry form, and valid fishing license.

Weigh station volunteers do not and will not answer any questions regarding interpretation of the rules.
If you gave any questions on weigh station protocol and rules interpretation please contact your derby chairmen.

Jim Skoczylas
Brian Plecas

Good luck and tight lines.


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