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  1. I have 20 that are new and 14 that are slightly used. $150 for all TYD, PayPal preferred
  2. Are you still looking for the OR-3 release? I have some for sale
  3. Replaces OMC 5001595 (4-3315-2, 18-3315-2), $40 shipped to your door, PayPal preferred.
  4. $24 for all three shipped to your door. PayPal preferred.
  5. Off Shore OR-3 Planer Board Releases - NEW/USED (31) Releases w/Rings. Some have never been in the water, others have been using sparingly. No cracks, damage or worn pads. $150 TYD for all (31) releases, US Destination only please via USPS Priority Mail. Thanks!
  6. I just called AO to ask for more information on the Mega Crawler Harness Caddy. Both this and the regular Crawler Harness Caddy that you describe above use the 7 1/2" X 13" X 3/4" pad. The Mega CHC is using the Plano 708 and as described that holds six pads. It just so happens that I have some of the 708 trays already so I'm just going to buys the pads and pins from them. Will let you guys know how it works out.
  7. I thought maybe you had already bought them Joe but that's ok, their website is pretty detailed. It is an interesting concept and worth exploring. Allows one to take a quick peak at the tray and pads to see where that harness is for the moment. I think I'm going to get some and give it a try. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Nalod what is the pin they are referring to? Can you describe how it is holding the loop in place? Are happy with it?
  9. I like that cause you can look any many very quickly. I'm sure finding the foam would be pretty easy (HB), rhe question now is how do we store them when stacked flat on top of each other? Do you remember who the vendor was at the show?
  10. John every year I try to come up with something different than what I'm doing now and I struggle to move away from the noodles and a binder with clear sleeves in it. Just spent hours searching the internet the other night and it appears that most are using the noodles.
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