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  1. You can go to www.southtownswalleye.com for further information on the 2021 Derby and the 2021 Early Bird Drawings that will take place December through May.
  2. As of 8:00 last night we’re at 613 entrants, the 9 Day Calcutta pot is over $25K and the 4 Day Calcutta is over $12k so far.
  3. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US-Canadian border is closed to passenger rail, passenger ferry travel and pleasure boat travel to all non-essential citizens of both countries, until 11:59PM, June 22nd, 2020. It may be amended or rescinded prior to that time, based on circumstances associated with the specific threat or lack thereof. (link included below for reference from the US DHS official documentation page 5) In accordance with this mandate the Southtowns Walleye Association of WNY, Inc. Annual Derby will be observing all rules and laws set forth by the both countries and in accordance with our previously published rules (#10 specifically in our rule package, see link below) Therefore based on the current Federal and Provincial mandates, we will not be accepting Canadian participants to fish the Derby at this time. Conversley we are not allowing particpants of the derby to enter and/or fish in Canadian waters. Our Derby begins at 12:01 am, June 13th 2020 and all rules and laws that are in place at the time of startup will be in effect and maintained throughout the Derby until its close at 4pm on June 21st, regardless of any changes to border openings during the course of the event, this ensures a consistent and measured approach in maintaining the highest level of ethics and standards for our club and our participants while fishing. It is expected that all of our participants will continue to exhibit the best in sportsman like conduct on and off of the water and observing all applicable rules and laws. We look forward to seeing all of you signing up at the club and fishing on the water. If border restrictions are lifted on or before June 10th, we will vacate all above restrictive policies. See information below on the dates, times and details of how you can sign up online or in person at the Club. Additionally all of the sign up stations should be open but we would recommend calling first. Bill’s Hooks, Barcelona Market, Cabela’s, Dave’s Bait & Tackle, Fish USA, Nature’s Prize, Niagara Outdoors, Nick’s Sporting Goods & Westfield Bait & Tackle Tight Lines, The STWA Derby Committee. Reference Link to DHS Documentation: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/20_0519_as1_frn_us-canada-border.pdf Reference Link to STWA Derby Rules: https://www.southtownswalleye.com/images/Forms/2020_Derby_Rules.pdf
  4. More detail added about where you can buy tickets for this great raffle package.
  5. I am selling the pair of masts shown in the pictures. Working on a different layout for my boat. These are two years old and in great shape, black tubes and all set for track mounting. I will not ship but I will meet at a convenient location for both. Located in Buffalo, NY - $700 for the pair.
  6. The tickets are selling fast!! Don't miss out on an opportunity to win one of these great prizes. Tickets are still on sale through our April 16th meeting which is when the drawing will take place. Tickets can be purchased at one of our Club events or stop by our booth during the WNY Sports & Travel Expo being held at the Hamburg Fairgrounds March 5th - 8th. The motor will be on display so make sure you stop to see it and purchase a winning ticket.
  7. Sorry I could not get back to you, had some personal reasons and job obligations. Hope you bought what you needed. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  8. I am waiting to hear back from ricaroo to see if he is still interested because I was out of town all week. I would not be willing to sell just one, sorry.
  9. Tony replaced the clutches on both. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  10. Very good condition and they are spooked with wire Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  11. I still have this downrigger in my garage, anyone missing it? Guess I will bring it to the next Southtowns mtg and maybe raffle it off for free??
  12. These were serviced earlier in the year at Tony's Reel Repair here in WNY, includes the swivels bases shown. I'm upgrading to either Digitrolls or Cisco Dowriggers. Let me know if you have any questions, pick up only, $575
  13. I still have the found downrigger, wish whoever is missing it would some how get word. I'll make an announcement at the next Southtowns mtg to see if anyone who does not follow this site knows who it may be.
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