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Found 12 results

  1. You know you have a good trip when you catch some bonus fish while out. I made it out this summer and had a bass trip planned, and ended up finding walleye on my spots that day. Ended up with a great mix of fish. The video is in the link below. Click the lower right of the video next to Rumble to make it full screen. https://rumble.com/vbh64r-lake-erie-walleye-and-bass-fishing.html?mref=66lt3&mc=9e0fe
  2. We all know the US and Canada border is closed, but what dose that do for boating, can we run our boats in Canadian water drift in Canadian water with out touching shore. it seems there is a gray area a lot of different opinions. We where on the upper Niagara river west side of Grand island ( that is 90% Canadian water ) we where running at about 30 mph and the Canadian border boat stopped us (they where very nice and very polite) they told us the border was closed and that NO U.S. boats could cross into Canadian water., running, or not. we talked for about 15 min. from how hot it was to fishing for bass and walleye, very nice guys. So the point is if your in that gray area and are not sure. this came right from them. You CAN NOT cross into there water for any reason and that go's for the lakes ERIE and Ontario. that also means almost ALL of the west river is off limits.
  3. Heading out to Sandusky to do some smallmouth fishing. 1st time this year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Slow transition between ice up and open water. Hope this short video I did out of East Harbor gets ya through the weekend with the sights, sounds, and a few decent catches. Lake Erie East Harbor Video
  5. Locations and lures to catch those early fall transition bass on Lake Erie. I made my way out on Lake Erie looking for those Largemouth moving in. I was able to piece together a pretty good morning. Caught probably 30 by 11 am. Two lures did the most damage. I put together a little video that will show you the day went and what lures worked best.
  6. This video is from the Lake Ontario United page. It makes me rethink my thoughts on fishing for spawning bass. I always assumed it didn't hurt a thing as long as the fish is returned unharmed where is was caught. It shows it only takes seconds for the gobies to raid the nest once the fish is gone. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/73391-video-on-gobie-on-bass-spawn/
  7. It's been crazy couple month's working at UPS. I'm finally getting around to posting a fishing trip I had on Lake Erie back in October.
  8. Put together a pretty good day fishing for Lake Erie Largemouth
  9. I fully intended to go out for some walleye and perch the next couple days and even planned the days off work this week. The weather isn't going to cooperate. I decided to process a largemouth video I did while fishing when the weather was still a little warm. I hope you guys enjoy it, because it will be one of the last videos I do this year. It's been real taxing getting them in when you only have 4 to 4 1/2 hours to fish. Tight lines fella's, and looking forward to reading others reports. https://youtu.be/PdLjyAs9cOA
  10. I had an excellent day on the lake fishing for bass. I thought those darn things would be on the humps, but they fooled me. They were shallow this particular day along the shoreline. Caught some real nice smallmouth and largemouth. Plus had a jumbo perch!
  11. Found a few big smallmouth bass Hey guys, I had the chance to get out with a local in the niagara region to try and dial into some fall smallmouth bass. It took us the whole day but we found em.. They were pretty friggin big too! Heres the recap Hope you guys enjoy! Myself and Lyle are working on a couple cool video projects in the coming months so if you are interested in following our adventures, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as well as Lyles channel! thanks for watching, Dan
  12. Looking to go out of small boat harbor in Buffalo for some catch and release Bass fishing. Anyone catching them yet? Where do they come in first? Thanks!
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