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Found 8 results

  1. It's been crazy couple month's working at UPS. I'm finally getting around to posting a fishing trip I had on Lake Erie back in October.
  2. Put together a pretty good day fishing for Lake Erie Largemouth
  3. I fully intended to go out for some walleye and perch the next couple days and even planned the days off work this week. The weather isn't going to cooperate. I decided to process a largemouth video I did while fishing when the weather was still a little warm. I hope you guys enjoy it, because it will be one of the last videos I do this year. It's been real taxing getting them in when you only have 4 to 4 1/2 hours to fish. Tight lines fella's, and looking forward to reading others reports. https://youtu.be/PdLjyAs9cOA
  4. I had an excellent day on the lake fishing for bass. I thought those darn things would be on the humps, but they fooled me. They were shallow this particular day along the shoreline. Caught some real nice smallmouth and largemouth. Plus had a jumbo perch!
  5. Found a few big smallmouth bass Hey guys, I had the chance to get out with a local in the niagara region to try and dial into some fall smallmouth bass. It took us the whole day but we found em.. They were pretty friggin big too! Heres the recap Hope you guys enjoy! Myself and Lyle are working on a couple cool video projects in the coming months so if you are interested in following our adventures, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as well as Lyles channel! thanks for watching, Dan
  6. Looking to go out of small boat harbor in Buffalo for some catch and release Bass fishing. Anyone catching them yet? Where do they come in first? Thanks!
  7. Just a heads up that while fishing Ontario waters today near the round house a lot of boats and us were stopped and checked for our Ontario license. We were all good to go on my boat and I don't think the other boats that were checked had any problems. The guys were real professional and courteous. Even had to go over some details of my boat and raytheon to one of the officers that was interested in my set up. I would also advise that you call 1-888 CAN PASS to get your entry number and have either a passport #, enhanced driver's license or Nexus card on board. Much better to be all nice and legal than getting towed into some Canada port trying to get out!
  8. Hit Presque Isle bay and the main lake with my Dad on Sunday. My Dad come up every year from Indiana State to fish for a couple days. Fished from around 6am to 6pm. I hope to give a detailed report here, without being too long winded. Launch : Chestnut St boat ramp Bay temp : 74 Main lake temp in 5-15 FOW : 65 up to 68 Main lake fishing 6am up to 10:30 : I have been wanting to fish the rock piles (breakwalls) on the NW side of the bay for years, decided to check it out for some smallie action. Started out at the first rock pile, which is about 10 foot deep. Water clarity was around 15 feet. Seen bass everywhere, but could not get a bite going. Threw jerks, in-lines and cranks (I refuse to fish tubes on beds). I caught 3 or 4, Dad picked up one. All smaller males. Was a beautiful morning on the main lake, perfect ESE wind, light yet variable. Waves were nonexistent. I actually saw one guy skiing on the main lake. We fished about 7 of the rock piles and decided to move towards Hammermill. Fished about 2 miles of shore from Hammermill towards Shades, didn't get much to show for the effort. I stayed inside the 15 FOW mark.....problaby should have moved out to the 20 where the bottom was not easily seen. Lots of followers, very few bites other than a couple red-eyes. Bay fishing 11am to 6pm. Fished about every area of the bay with the exception of Misery and Horseshoe. Started on the park side, about 10 FOW off the ledge. I picked up 3 smallies, and my dad picked up 1 or 2 I think. The gills were relentless ! Must have just came off their beds. I caught the smalles on in-lines, dad caught one on a crank if I remember correctly. Way too many sight fishermen targeting beds (illegal at best)....could not bear to watch any more so I decided to make a move. Went to the yacht club and fished around the houses, picked up a bunch of gills and a smallie or two. Moved to the condos and picked up about 5 million gills, even on cranks.....gills were everywhere. Dad also picked up a nice 12-14 inch shad, and I picked up a 15 or so inch Sheep-head (best fight of the day). I also pick up the only LM of the day, which went about 2 pounds. Bay was way more rough than what the main lake was. CONCLUSION : Bass boats have no concept of No-Wake zones (With-in 500' of shore on park side, within 100' otherwise). Jet-skies should require a coast guard course before you can drive one (bunch of idiots). If you take a kayak out in the middle of the bay on mememorial day, you will get to swim back to shore with your kayak. Sail boats.....I just don't understand it ! Sight fishermen trolling around looking for bedded fish are pathetic. The law specifically states you can't do it. Unfortunately 90% of the bass guys I saw were doing it. I am not talking about the guys casting and inadvertently catching them, I am talking about the guys who go right to the nest and drop vertically in hopes of annoying the fish into biting to protect it's nest. Also, met Bo and Luke at the ramp (conservation officers). The one had his belly hanging out from under his vest (classic). Nice guys other than tying up the ramp at Chestnut. They were doing general safety checks which I am all for.....just let me get my boat out of the water first !! I had a bit of an attitude and didn't want the small talk.....I told the one guy "lets cut to the chase", what do you need from me so I can proceed. I provided my info and safety gear according to the law and we parted ways. Lessons learned : I am more of a main lake and off-shore trolling guy. Questions : Just ask. My new Mercury 115 4-stroke is an awesome motor when compared to my 1974 Mercury 115 2-stroke.
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