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Down Deep

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  1. Down Deep

    Preferred method for running harnesses?

    Give Captain Sam Schrecengost of Sam I Am Charters (716) 465-6100 a call he will show you what you need for bottom bouncing for Walleyes , Great guy who knows how to catch the Big ones !
  2. Down Deep


    She also has colors from Joe that NO body else has . ( If they weren't sold yet . )
  3. Down Deep

    Looking for this fish lifter

    I have 2 of these , they are great , mine has Fish Pic Embossed on other side . $19.95 at www. fish-pic .com .
  4. Down Deep

    Fixing Dock Rash

    Nice Spot for a Decal . Done , Easy Fix !
  5. Not mine , lost mine on Lake Erie . Thanks for your efforts trying to return the board .