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  1. I'm interested in buying a new or slightly used 4 stroke kicker motor. At present I have a 1996 Yamaha 4 stroke and have never liked it. It takes forever to get started, fouls spark plugs, etc. What brand do you use, how dependable is it, etc? Does anyone have a Tohatsu? Are they dependable? Trying to do some research before I make a decision.
  2. Nice to see the numbers of walleye in the river.
  3. I try to stay away from the pack. Sometimes it's just as good.
  4. Amazing to catch walleyes that shallow, that time of day with that equipment! Looks like I need to put my trolling equipment away and fish the shoals. Is this recent or in the late spring?
  5. Nice salmon - don't see too many of them in Erie anymore.
  6. Fished off the windmills yesterday in around 40 feet of water from 11am until 230pm. Blanked out until 1pm when the breeze picked up and all the sudden went nuts for 45 minutes. Caught 4 walleyes and a bonus bass. Two of the walleyes came from popping spoons off the rigger, and the other two came on firetiger worm harness fished off medium dipsey 150 feet back. I think I'll try again Monday. The largest was 7.5 pounder and the smallest was around 17 inches. Nice day to be on the water.
  7. It makes sense, because these fish have been hugging the bottom all summer, which eastern basin fish tend to do. The western basin fish are the ones who spawn in rivers and suspend in the summer. I hope you're right, because the walleye fishing should be just as good for the next few summers!
  8. Interesting. Do you think these are the fish that spawn in the Hamburg area in the spring? What could be the reason for so many fish all of the sudden?
  9. One thing you have to remember is that if your downrigger is set at whatever depth you're fishing at, you're probably nowhere near the bottom. For example, if your downrigger is 70 feet down, but you're trolling with the cable at a 45 degree angle, then you're probably only in 50 feet of depth. This August, fish have been hugging the bottom in 70 feet of water, I'll set my downrigger at 85 feet and still not be touching bottom. It seems like most hits are coming by popping the release and allowing the bait to flutter up. I use Dubro releases, I can't get any of the pinch-pad types to work.
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