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Jim K

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  1. Jim K

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    I really don't know. I see some with black patches as well. Maybe just genetics, but I'm guessing.
  2. Jim K

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    Further down river
  3. Jim K

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    That's wild water. I dove it few times when I was a bit younger. We might see any kind of fish that lives in lake Erie. You go in a circle. It was fun, but a bit dangerous. The backdraft held the most gamefish. Mounds of dead zebra mussel shells washed up out of the hole like sand dunes. The fish held between them. The bottom of that hole is over 60 ft deep.
  4. Jim K

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    First, thank you everyone for your kind comments. Goby populations, like all other fish, fluctuate. This seems to be a down year for all baitfish. I see some gobies, but not many. The emerald shiner run was sparse as well. I think this might be why fishing's so good this summer. Good numbers of gamefish, not a lot of forage. Our baits look good to hungry fish.
  5. I spent some time diving as well as fishing. I thought some of you WNY & Niagara region guys might enjoy this.
  6. It was a really good idea to move the launch to the South end. No more shuttle, no more weaving boats through the entire marina. That's where the good ideas stopped. Whoever designed it really bungled it . I assume he or she isn't a boater. It's not just the medians and turn radius . The ramps are too long. The elevated concrete sections before the docks make it impossible to open your vehicle door, or quickly get onto the dock if you are launching alone. Then, they run a bike and pedestrian walkway right across the launch. C'mon man. They must not care if people get injured or boats and vehicles are damaged.