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  1. Reef Runner 800 Contact Seller Reef Runner 800's for sale. 30 - 800's and one 600. Reef Runner all different colors and some pairs. $120.00 for all. Plus shipping https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215250324067591&set=gm.2285997938317037&type=3&eid=ARBykZmwZJp7YevI5uFpVm3InisvI5HXkH5LKpoR50wO_ckfWAeE8pornnvTFXd2XGoaTv05TZNldT5R&ifg=1
  2. Keep this petition going. "WE PAY" for these windmills. If this gets passd. How much will these windmills cost, how much will they pay back, how much power will they draw from the grid, there are many questions that will never get answered. We do not need this. The windmill manufactures are coming up with this plan to add to their bottom line.
  3. Ask the Thruway Authority as they sue maker of wind turbines that don't work. Four years after spending $5 million to install wind turbines at four highway exits, the New York State Thruway Authority is now suing the company, contractor and consultants who installed them because the machines haven't worked since last year. As for reducing taxes it is not true. The state gives large installment subsidizes for all these projects with our tax money. Let's take a look at Lackawanna. How many of those wind mills are working and the ones that are working, for how long? They create a large wing thump and they kill 140,000 to 328,000 birds a year. The electricity they produce doesn't pay for themselves.
  4. Thank You Fishwithteeth! Clorox has a odored eliminator and clearner. I used that but the chum left the concrete floor greasy and smelly.
  5. My freezer somehow got unplugged and I had several boxes of thawed chum. Like a dumb ass I threw them in a large dumpster. How do I get rid of the oder. Any type of spray??
  6. I went from twili tips to roller tips. I've had two of four roller tips break off and always screwing around with them. I'm going back to twili.
  7. Northeast, Pa has a great launch ramp and you can reach Barlelona waters at Pa line.
  8. Hidden Harbor is still closed for season. The Town of Hanover is open but no docks yet. The contractor working on the State ramps has it back on track and repaired the dam and pumped out all the water. Looks like he's installing subbase for concrete ramp. The NY side of Lake Erie is full of ice from state line all the way to Buffalo. The river is full of ice.
  9. Me and my wife vote every year even if it's only the dog catched running. My kids vote also because we taught them how important it is.
  10. The Bay is full of ice as far as you can see. The dam around the state launch ramps was damaged by the wind and waves. Will have to be repaired and water pumped out. Minor setback.
  11. J. Sparrow I'm retired and I fish any day I can get out. I live in Sunset Bay and keep my boat in the Cattaraugus but depending on the bite I go where the bite is.
  12. I don't understand. I trailer my boat and have no problem. There are launch sites in Buffalo (2), Sturgeon Point, Cattaraugus Creek (3 launch Sites), Dunkirk, and Barcelona I feel they are well spaced for boat launching. I agree - Without nothing being done with the millions of dollars collected from boating sales taxes, boating supplies, registration fees and fuel taxes over the past seventy years. It has deposited that money in the "black hole" called Albany and disappeared.
  13. They build a dam so they could pour concrete ramps. If you remember the other ramps were too short. You could use the Town ramp but no docks yet. Also there a trees in channel so be careful. At present the mouth is blocked by lake ice.
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