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  1. The thing of it is....Why as a insured and registered boater should i have to worry about these idiots..On the lake after dark with no lights on there kayaks...It only jeperdiz my insurance and the health of themselves and others...The law must change...This year !!!! I will not be responsible for a kayak owner to be on the lake after dark without the same lighting i have on my boat...Do they carry flare's... Whistles...And other safety devices on board ??? They are a safety hazards on the lake after dark...And the USCoast Guard has to take action..On this subject !!!! ASAP !!!
  2. kayaks after dark With fishing season coming up fast,i have wrote a letter to the US Coast Guard,reading "Kayaks" on the water after dark. It seems that regarding to the light code they only have to have a "white"light somewhere on them....there have been many close calls hitting these Kayaks while fishing after dark,we as in larger boating craft...have to have a port light,starboard light,a white light on the transom,and a upper white light above our taller deck to be seen at night. and above all,if we were to hit a kayak with out seeable lighting its our fault. Time for the laws to be changed...or maybe its time for these little boats to be off the water at dusk...you would think the coast guard ,sheriffs dept,DEC would acknowledge to save a life or law suit by better safety standards after dark....i have nothing against kayaks...they have the right to fish as we do...but safer lighting restrictions must be enforced for the safety of all of us....
  3. I like the chamberlains very much....you can set the pull for a minnow.....and reel your rod right to the surface of the water..."bam"....fish on....i also run blacks....but i love my chamberlains
  4. Chamberlains work the best for me...no more light bites...and no more dragging the eyes...i even use them on spring browns....
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