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  1. Fished this past Sun. thru Tues.. plenty of fish still there. Had to work for them one day.. the other two they came pretty easily... ps.. the restrooms are closed now, but the launch is free! Sluggo Sent from my iPad
  2. I used Roemer's for years and loved them..separate tension adjustment for rod and lure. Had to replace a few and found that they no longer have triggers made of metal, they're now plastic. Braided lines wear a grove into the plastic and the line hang up on the release. I've tried both Blacks and Chamberlains and prefer the Chamberlains. Both work fine, but the adjustment seem to work better and holds it's setting better than the Blacks. Either one will work fine for walleye, but I obviously don't recommend the Roemer's. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  3. Sluggo / NY

    Sluggo / NY

    Eastern Lake Erie
  4. Fished it several times.. Fun tourney! Hope to be there for it again this year. We fish out of Barcelona Harbor.
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