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  1. We caught some walleye Northwest of West Sister Island this past Monday. We were in line between the island and the "Turn around Buoy"...or what people refer to as "Sputnik"....looks like a big cement spaceship. :) We trolled 27 and 28 foot of water with Bandits. The Bandits had a 2oz snap weight 25-30 feet in front of them and then a total distance of 70 to 85 back at 2.4-2.7 mph. Chrome colors did best. If you get out there, I'm sure you'll find others trolling out there too. If you're a drift caster, I can't help you with that. I'm a troller. Sorry.....but, not sorry...lol I'm sure someone else will have info for you. ;)
  2. I didn't have to pick my crew up this morning...they were staying right down the street from Mazurik's, at "Little Ted's Cottages". So, I stopped in to grab a breakfast sandwich "to go" from Big Bopper's, before heading to the ramp. Today, I would be fishing with Mike Appell, his friend Brent, and Brent's son, Ben. I pulled in the lot at 5:05am, and was stunned when they pulled in at 5:10am. I had told them 5:30, so you can imagine my surprise to have someone show up...not only on time...but, very early, in fact. I thought to myself, "This is going to be a good day". :) We launched and headed out. The sun was just lighting the morning sky with different shades of red, but hadn't broke the horizon yet. We ran out to the area west of Gull Island Shoal, where I gave them a quick lesson on running Off Shore inline boards. They had never used them before, but wanted to learn. As they quickly learned how to set lines, I looked up to see the fireball peaking over the horizon, and grabbed my camera to capture the morning in all it's glory. You see, I'm never up late enough to see a sunset, so I appreciate the sunrises when I can see them. Anyway, our program was the same as yesterday's. We ran the root beer colored spinners with the #5 gold blades again. 1oz anywhere from 21-41 back at 1.1-1.2mph. We had 8 fish by 8:30. Then, the fishing slowed down, and we only had two more by 9:30. More boats were showing up by then, but it still wasn't too crowded yet. We caught catfish, sheepshead, white perch, and a yellow perch too. The cats took a ride, since they were willing to clean them and eat them too. That 9 inch perch that hit a 4oz bottom bouncer went for a ride too. lol After making one last pass on that spot, I asked them "Do you want to try another spot I had in mind? It could be hit or miss...I don't know...but, I would like to try it" Mike replied, "Well, it's getting to be hit or miss here too, so it's up to you, you're the Captain". I took that as a "Yes", so after picking up lines, and moving stuff back around in the boat to secure it, we moved Northwest. We headed up to the north side of North Bass and set lines starting at the Green Can on the Northeast corner. The Helix showed good marks in 28-30 foot of water, so we zigged and zagged between the two depths. We caught 2 more keepers up there to make it a total of 12 keepers today. The largest was 27 1/2 inches. The crew did a great job, and hardly had any tangles, which was very...very good! Tomorrow's trip has been rescheduled for better conditions, and for later in the summer. His wife would like to do some perch'n, which is always welcomed by me, because I LOVE Perch fishing! Woot! Woot! :) So, I have tomorrow off. Sunday's wind forecast of 15-20 out of the north needs to change, or that will be rescheduled too. I'll be texting him a "go" or "no go" Sunday morning, since they only live an hour away. Stay tuned.... Capt Juls
  3. Picked up my crew from their hotel at 6:30, and headed to Big Bopper's for breakfast, before launching at Mazurik's at 7:30. We headed up between the islands, because the satellite picture from the day before showed that there was still clean water there. The water west of the islands (at least as far as you could see from shore) was very muddy from the three day NW blow we had. We started out trolling Bandits on a west to east troll up on the line by Middle Island. As we trolled east, we picked up a couple walleye on the Blue/Chrome color at 65 back....speed was 2.0-2.2mph. We kept trolling east past middle island, and found ourselves all alone with no one close to us, and hit a nice little pod of fish. At this time, I decided to take the Bandits off and put the crawler harnesses on. The Helix was all cluttered up with what I would guess was a Mayfly hatch going on. There had been a bunch in the parking lot at their hotel, which is right on the lake, and it looks like there are more coming up from the depths,. I figured my root beer colored beads with a gold hammered colorado blade would mimic the bug nicely. I chose the #5 Colorado blade over the larger # 6, because the water temps had cooled 4 degrees since last Saturday. I normally, like to slow down and downsize, after a cold front passes through. We were running the harnesses with 1oz inline weights at 41 back, and behind #1 Tadpoles at 25 and 27' back....at 1.0-1.2mph It didn't take long before we were picking away at them, but it was still a slow bite. My friend, Capt Kevin Swartz, was working an area about a mile west of me, and doing much better, so we picked up and moved over there. We finished out the 6 hours, and my crew asked to add another hour, so we could pick up a few more fish. In total, we went 12 for 16, not including the 4 throw backs, 2 catfish, 3 sheepshead, 2 white perch, and the 1 white bass. Woot! Woot! My guys had a good time, learned how to run Off Shore planer boards, and were setting lines like seasoned trollers by the end of their trip. The weather today was perfect, and they were able to relax and have a good time. They stated that they had never had such a nice charter in all their years coming to fish the lake, so that made me very happy. :) I'll be out tomorrow with another crew, running the crawler harnesses again. I suspect we'll have the same bite we had today. Thankfully, the winds will be down again tomorrow with a forecast of 5mph out of the South. Stay tuned.... Capt Juls
  4. Jeremy is a regular customer, who usually fishes with his Dad, but today he brought his wife along instead, so she could catch her first walleye...ever. I met them at Mazurik's ramp at 5:15, and we were setting up on Scott Point Shoal by 5:30 am. (I just want to send a big shout out to Capt Kevin Swarts, who kindly launched us this morning, to minimize our time at the ramp. Thanks Kevin!) We set up with yesterday's program of Bandits run 45-65 back behind Off Shore planer boards....speed was determined to be the same as yesterday too, at 1.9-2.0mph. Colors were Khaki, Blue/Chrome, Green Clown, and Fire Tiger. All colors took fish this morning. Walleye size ranged from 18" to 28 1/2 inches, with one or two throw backs, for being under 15 inches. We had 11 walleye in that roomy Ranger live well by 9am, but the bite seemed to die off, so we changed spots, and continued a troll past our last turn around and kept on trolling over to Starve Island area. The Humminbird marked a ton of fish over there, with some really big marks, but all we could bring up were really big sheepshead. After one piggy sheep sunk a board so bad, that I thought it was a snag...we reeled everything up to go chase down that board, only to find that there was a massive barn yard critter attached to it. Ugh..on the bright side...at least I got all the gear back. :) We decided to move on over to the NW corner of Kelly's to try for some new fish there, and found a bunch of good looking walleye like marks on the sonar, so we set up a little deeper this time. We were trolling in 29-30' of water, so we set the Bandits out at 65, 75, and 30/30 with a 2oz snap weight. The 30/30 set up took a couple of fish, as did one at 65 and one at 75. Erika was reeling in a huge fish at one point, but it broke off and took my Blue/Chrome Bandit with it back to the blue/green depths.....deep sigh...sniff-sniff (sad face). She asked, "Was it something I did?" Jeremy and I said in unison, "No! It happens"....we laughed. We ended the day with 15 nice eaters and one "Fish Ohio". Erika was thrilled with the experience, so Jeremy is looking forward to getting her out on their new boat....the one you might remember from a previous blog (or, maybe it was a Facebook posting) about his new to him 2003 Pro Line that I helped him set up for trolling a few weeks back. They had a great time, as did I, and Jeremy and his Dad will be back to fish next Friday, and might bring Erika back with them, so that makes me happy. :) Tomorrow's trip with with another regular customer, who normally fishes with his Brother (Tim and Matt McGlothlin), but his brother can't make this weekend, due to work circumstances that couldn't be put on the back burner. So, Matt will be fishing with me and another customer tomorrow. The weather looks like it's going to be nice all weekend, so hopefully, the bite will just keep getting better and better. All those traditional areas should start lighting up, if they haven't already. It's going to be a busy weekend, so if you don't hear from me, that's why! Have a great Holiday, and please practice safe boating and patience. It's going to be a crowded lake this weekend. Follow the "rules of the road", and there shouldn't be any issues. Help each other out...there's enough fish and plenty of room for all of us out there. Good luck! Be safe! Stay tuned.... Capt Juls
  5. I spent the last three mornings fishing with the father and son crew of Tim and Nick Becker from Wisconsin. I was fortunate, in that, they were eager to get up early and get a good head start. On Monday morning, they met me at my house at 5am, and we headed west. On Sunday night, I talked to another Captain friend of mine, and he was kind enough to give me the heads up on a quick bite west of A Can. So, we went there on Monday morning, and launched at Fenwick at 5:30am. We caught their limit of good eaters using Bandits, fished anywhere from 45-65 back at 1.8-1.9mph. Chrome colors were the best....Blue/Chrome, Green Clown, and IB Frozen were the hottest for us. I figured it would be a good idea to get them a box of fish before asking them if they would mind if we drove to Huron the next morning to try for some big fish. I had explained that I had not fished over there yet this season, but was hearing reports of big fish, and lots of them there, so I wanted to get over there and try it. But, I also said it could be a flop, but that we should try it. They were game for it, so we made plans to go there Tuesday morning. I picked them up at their hotel at 5am, and we drove over to Huron. We were on the water at 5:30 again. Our first stop was over by Sawmill, where they had fished with me last year at this time, so they wanted to check it out, and see if there were fish in that area again....so, we headed west out of the channel. It was a beautiful morning with light SSW winds, and 56 degrees...(10 degrees warmer than day one), and there were good marks on the Helix screen. My hopes were high that the bite would be good too. Well, we made one pass at Sawmill and only boated on walleye with a Bandit run 65 back. At about that time, we were hearing Gary Zart (Blue Dolphin Charters) and Gary Carpenter (Sara J Charters) talking on the radio, and it sounded like they were both just setting up over near Vermilion. Blue D. said, "It's loaded here", so we made the decision to leave our marks and go look at their marks. lol We set up on a 34' contour line and headed east with our trolling pass. Bandits were run at 55/65/and 71...then, we heard Sara J say they caught one on a Bandit 60 back with 2oz. Blue D was running crawlers, so I was pretty much ignoring his info, other than to know what depth his catches were coming from. We reset our two inside lines, setting them with 2oz snap weights at 30/30, which is similar to Gary's 60 back with a 2oz inline. They immediately started catching fish, so we changed up two more of our 6 lines with the same set up. Again, chrome Bandits were the hot colors...with the Green Clown out fishing the others by a few fish. The bite seemed to die off around 9am, and we struggled to catch for the last two and a half hours. We only ended up with 8 walleye over there, but three of them went 27 inches, and the rest were anywhere from 18 to 24 inches, so the guys were happy with the move to Huron for the second day of their trip. Today...day 3: I was meeting Tim and Nick at Mazurik's at 5:45, so I had a chance to stop at Big Bopper's for breakfast. I had a hankering for their Steak and Eggs, and it didn't disappoint! I was so hungry! Yummy!! Anyway....we launched at 6am. My first plan was to head to Lucy's Point, because I had heard there were fish up there now, and there was a wind forecast for some gusty SW winds, so I figured the island would help shelter us a little bit. But, when we headed out, the lake was calm, and there were no boats out on Scott Point Shoal yet, so I told them, "I just want to make one pass over here, before we head all the way up there. If the fish are here, there's no need to go all the way up there". Thankfully, we started catching immediately, and it was a pretty steady pick right up until around 9am again. Then, it was long periods of time between bites. Again, Bandits run anywhere from 45-70 back, with the chrome colors working well, and the Khaki stock color catching the most fish. Speed was 1.9-2.0 on an west to east pass and 1.6-1.7 on the east to west pass. We ended up with 17 fish...it would have been 18, but Nick and I watched his big fish of the day spit the bait about 20 feet behind the boat. No biggie....sometimes the fish needs to get lucky too. They had to head back to Wisconsin this afternoon, and were happy with their results over the three days, so that made me happy. :) I'll be fishing with one of my regulars tomorrow, who is bringing his wife along to catch her first walleye. They live in Columbus, so I asked him if they could come up to town tonight, so we could meet at the launch at 5:15. I would like to launch again by 5:30, so we can get some of that early morning bite action going again. I want her to have a great experience. The weather will be decent...warm, light SSW winds, and no rain until the evening, so my fingers are crossed we can get another good bite in the morning. Stay tuned.... Capt Juls
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