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  1. Never put the boat away, but also never got the ice fishing gear out once
  2. Wonder if it will still be there by the time the tiger Lillie’s bloom
  3. Steelhead, lakers, browns are a possibility in the upper but nobody targets them that i know. NYS quit stocking browns and the "new" (been declining for years) steelhead stocking program has numbers way down. No salmon in Lake erie besides natural reproduction which is rare but does exist. Ive never really fished the upper but i think spring is a good time for walleye there. Thundermist fishing on youtube has a few videos on walleye fishing the upper
  4. Aug 26 the member on here named wojo posted he was catching perch in 20 fow off sturgeon point, you could be looking too deep, thats why i put the starting range to 30 theres some structure there and starts dropping off at 30 if you look at navionics. i have never perch fished out of dunkirk but i would long line a 30' tail dancer heading straight out toward the 54' hole until i found them. gotta remember there are already steelhead in the catt when thinking about water temperatures, other fish push back towards shore during fall also
  5. set your walleye gear out in 30 feet of water and troll until you get to 80 foot and mark waypoints on your electronics every time you mark a school of perch. pull up walleye gear and go to your waypoints for perch, simple. If you are in a hurry you should be able to search faster driving around 10 mph or less (depending on your setup) , set your ping speed to max and your cone to the wider 83 khz. if you dont leave a trail on your map, set it to leave one makes it easier to turn around and get back on them you can see where to retrace your path. Also if your bottom thickness changes from being thick to thin or shows up a different color you might want to follow that east or west, it is a change in bottom compsition mud/clay to shale rock which is a prime area for perch. good luck
  6. yes but it is private. gotta use sturgeon point or go down to sunset bay cattaraugus creek
  7. i own a 3.5 hp Tohatsu four stroke and absolutely love it. I use it as the main engine on a 12 foot boat, constantly on/off the boat, lay it on the ground, run it extended lengths of time at 80% throttle with two guys plus gear in the boat running out to the main basin after launching off the beach, this thing has never let me down. Be sure to use ethanol free gas only
  8. Launched out of the catt last weekend fished in 57 foot, was on hard flat bottom catching fish must have been by a transition. Pretty steady waves of action. About 6 other boats out also
  9. Well I got out finally on my maiden voyage, we launched out of the Catt. Trolled plugs around the mouth and picked up a laker right away. Motored over to my walleye spot and the water was pure mud, didn’t even bother dropping down there. Very nice day out there and the sun felt great!
  10. I recently picked up a nice used boat so i will be getting out until we get ice forming out there. Got the lake pretty much to yourself this time of year, i can post reports once this weather cooperates
  11. I know this is not the style fishing you had in mind but you cant beat slowly meandering down a shoreline on the electric trolling motor in front of ANY creek mouth to cast and retrieve 2/5 oz little cleos, #3 vibrax, rapala J-11 in 6-8 feet of water. If you must drive and leave the rods sitting in the holders i would suggest sending out planar boards with 8-10 lb flourocarbon leaders and still using the electric motor if possible. This technique will produce fish in the fall and spring. Not many guys do it anymore but putting on a set of waders and walking out into the lake casting hardware in front of the creek mouths is a way more enjoyable experience and less hassle in my opinion
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