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  1. H20chrome

    Lake erie walleye fishing

    i'm guessing this was in ohio
  2. H20chrome


    July 1, 70-80 fow just a tad east right out front, 3 and 4 color leadcore on boards was the ticket, as was 4oz in-line weight let 30-40 feet of line out lock it up put a board on and send it out. Had to be under 2mph. Sticks and harnesses, mostly 18-20” fish perfect size for eating. Evening bite was a lot better than morning. Hope this help someone
  3. H20chrome


    Good perch bite out front in 51fow, got a late start but bite was on and off til noon. This event happening at sunset bay (starting at 11am) has got everyone from the thruway down to Napa on high alert with no parking/will be towed signs and yellow caution tape. By the looks of it, it’s gonna be a sh/t show if Jim Whites cleared his entire lot to charge for parking
  4. Are you custom making these 7 oz bottom bouncers?
  5. My previous post was not intended towards anyone particular, just a general scenario I’ve came across before that was shocking to me. Glad to hear you guys are getting them in the daytime, friend of mine was on Evans bar last night he caught 4, also said sturgeon point raised their launch fees to 10 bucks
  6. I will always help another boater if I can safely, but I’m in a 12 ft with a 3.5 hp, I will still roll up and offer assistance of a phone call if I can. What gets me is the guy that just bought a boat that’s been garaged since 2010 that they just got running and took it out to the main basin and their water pump destructs. You gotta have a big respect for Lake Erie and your equipment reguardlesd the size of your vessel.
  7. http://www.boatus.com/membership/ for 72 dollars a year why would'nt you get this to not have to rely on others? I've been in a broken down boat waving for help while people look and just keep going
  8. H20chrome

    Perch Early Spring Perch

    Got out with a buddy on his boat out of the Catt on sunday 5/27 we only managed to catch 1 perch. Searched all over and the perch schools were very small and spread out. There was actually a current out in front of the state park 55 fow thats where we got our one perch. Standing in the middle of the boat my line was angled down behind the transom it was strange. Decided to go in closer and drift around and cast jigs, picked up a nice walleye in 33 fow
  9. H20chrome

    Perch Early Spring Perch

    Thanks everyone for the replies, next calm weekend the lake gives up i'm gonna try and get out there and will post a report.
  10. H20chrome

    Perch Early Spring Perch

    I meant in general when I can safely get out there, like this time of year would perch be out in front of Dunkirk? It seems like I only ever read reports of perch out of the Catt or sturgeon point
  11. H20chrome

    Perch Early Spring Perch

    Would right out in front of Dunkirk this time of year in that depth range be worth trying to locate perch? im in a 12 footer so thats the closest depth I know of close to shore and comfortable distance heading out thanks
  12. H20chrome

    Walleye Gold back nk28.s or slims

    we made our own worm burner using a glow colored dirty white boy spoon and to my surprise nothing touched it, looked soo fishy in the water too. Will try it in the spread again tho
  13. H20chrome

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Caught an orange back tagged walleye this year and unless you call the number on the tag, or remove the transmitter from the fish you have no way of knowing NOT to freeze the fish whole. Luckily I did not freeze it, but if the transmitter gets frozen it ruins the data on the transmitter
  14. H20chrome

    Perch Perch,mid summer

    what type of wet fly just a standard soft hackle? Perch eyes seem to work better for me in the winter tipped on a jigging spoon. Try a drop shot rig using an aberdeen hook and threading on a 3" berkly powerbait trout worm, let it hit bottom and just shake your slack line, leaving the sinker on the bottom the whole time. tying your hook 20 inches up from your sinker lets you super slowly dead fall the bait by letting some slack in your line, watching for the line to jump. 6 pound test braid to a micro swivel then mono or flouro helps tremendously at those depths.