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  1. I was there a couple weeks ago, first time in several years, with my 18' on a single axle. Although I was aware of the issue and was careful to swing wide enough through turns, I did not scrub any of the curbs. I did have to swing out wide on the exit to make sure to clear the curb which I think you are saying they ground down.
  2. No word yet. I am guessing that the court has not issued a decision yet.Or maybe there was a postponement.
  3. Looks like it is an ongoing issue in regard to testing and mitigation of these contaminates in drinking water sources. But it appears that they have only scratched the surface in regards to testing fish and issuing consumption warnings. It makes me wonder if anything we drink or eat is really safe.
  4. From following links in that article to other articles, it looks like those contaminates may have been entering the groundwater everywhere for many years. It was (or maybe still is) being used in Teflon, firefighting foam, fire retardant products, Gortex, stain fighters and other waterproofing products for many years. Those products have been in such widespread use that the contamination is likely everywhere. EPA has been trying to downplay it. They seem to be highly influenced or maybe controlled by industry representatives, especially since the beginning of the Trump administration and the appointment of Pruit to head the agency.
  5. Here is the follow-up article to the above article which has all the details of the Article 78 that the Chautauqua Institute has filed against the town of Ellery, NY and the NYS DEC. They make some very strong points. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the Oct. 4th hearing will be. http://www.post-journal.com/news/page-one/2018/08/chautauqua-institution-files-lawsuit/
  6. I found out about this action a few days ago but it was just reported in the Jamestown Post Journal. I applaud the Chautauqua Institute for bringing this action to court. http://www.post-journal.com/news/latest-news/2018/08/450-pm-chautauqua-institution-files-lawsuit-against-ellery-state-dec/
  7. I don't have this problem. I wonder if while you are typing, you are making contact with Mouse pad (on laptop) and moving the cursor down to the bottom and activating the "go to topic listing" or "next unread topic" or maybe something else on the screen. Or hitting some other special key or mouse pad function. I know that if you tap the mouse pad with the cursor positioned on the page outside the text box and then hit the space bar, the page moves all the way up (so you are looking at the bottom of the page). Sometimes my cursor gets locked so it will only move horizontal or verticle. CTRL/SHIFT gets out of that but I haven't found out what causes that to happen. Another thing that happens sometimes with my laptop is; when I tap on the mousepad, the cursor shoots to the top right corner of the screen. I have to restart the computer by using the mousepad to position the cursor and then click the left click button. That is the only way I have found to get out of that problem.
  8. You are right. I am just guessing. But I do know that management of the SBH has changed hands more than once. And changing the design might be complicated since it was just redone. mostlymuskies may know where or to whom concerns and suggestions can be voiced. But even with support, getting planning, approval and funding for any major physical changes may take some time. Maybe the contractors that designed and did the work have some responsibility too. Maybe small changes or changes in the way it is managed could be accomplished relatively easier.
  9. Vince may be in his own silo with no direct connection to whatever silo(s) that would have to be involved in planning and funding any changes. And he may only be reciting a script.
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