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  1. Overthelimit said it first. Most of these fish are males still hanging around the spawning area. They will start heading out to reefs, like the Rockpiles, Seneca, and Meyers. Which ever one has the most bait is the key. If the bait is at the windmills then they will be back. Also, we're talking about our local stock from the eastern end. Good Luck!
  2. Fished the windmills yesterday and didn't mark nearly as many fish as last week. There has been an east wind for a few days but regardless I usually only see the fish heavy in here for about a week each year in the beginning of June. I did locate some fish off of Seneca but no great numbers. Fish could be in transition. ''
  3. Walleye are loaded in front of the windmills from the south gap all the way to the Ford plant. Bottom bouncing in 36'-38' of water got me an easy limit. I did throw a bunch of 14" fish back.