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  1. took 5 west of the catt in 70 ft all on harnesses
  2. out west or east of the catt
  3. larry r u on a harness bite now tried the vegggy today with no luck by purina towr marked lots of fish no takers had to take wife for lunch in Dunkirk flys were relentless
  4. any location n presentation
  5. thanks for the reply looks like winds will b strong tomorrow but will still try n getout
  6. any location and presentation to share hope to be out tomorrow from the catt creek
  7. I like the okuma rods go see captain bob tell him the tall grey hair guy sent u
  8. larry thanks for the update was confused with sign down n posters on launch saying other than that been fishing west of catt with little success all week gonna try east next couple days good luck to all in the tourney
  9. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. Fished east of 18 mile creek got 3 eyes n 3 smallies Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  11. give me a call 523 2674 n I will see if we can arrange a pick up bud
  12. thank you ordered some online
  13. where would a guy order these rb11 bagleys from spent the day on line and at various stores with no luck locating that same lure even ao bagley website
  14. will definitely be giving them a try this year
  15. larry do those bagleys work on erie as well
  16. bud

    sold / closed Diver Lot

    can pick up those divers if u still have them for 25
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