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  1. This will be helpful when you have to throw the kitchen sink at the fish to hit!
  2. Www.gamblerrigs.com Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. Congrats to your son on his PB! Glad to hear my rigs were a help!
  4. The niagara shortage seemed to get worse after the two severe winters we had not too long ago. I have heard that the alewife took a huge hit in Erie and that would definitly put a strain on all of the other food sources.
  5. Were those walleye caught on Gambler Rigs behind cowbells or on my new Gambler Rig worm harnesses?
  6. I have been a member of the Lake Ontario United forum since the beginning. I am the owner of Gambler Rigs Custom Lake Trout lures (and now walleye lures). I fish Lake Ontario mostly but fish Erie walleye and perch on occasion.
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