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  2. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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  4. Miller’s should be open Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. Yes there are lots of native streams not far away as well. And a hop, skip and a jump to Kinzua Dam and the reservoir for musky, big trout and pretty much everything that swims in PA waters. For many years the PA Game Commission has been re-locating numerous bears from western NY and other parts of PA and they are dropped right on our road. Up in Little Africa there were a couple 600+ pounders taken over the last 7-8 years. Lots of bear in the area if you are into bruin hunting.
  6. We have a cabin a few miles down the road. some pretty good deer hunting around and lots of creek full of trout in the spring (after stocking of course)
  7. Oh I guess if your not dipping is any bait shops open out that way to buy some? Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  8. For you hardy fishermen who venture out off the Catt. Do you buy you minnows or do you have a spot where they can be dipped. I mean when on River it's obvious dipping is easy but on the Catt I'm not too sure dipping from boat is a easy task. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  9. Last week
  10. Agree walleyes adapt to available forage-pretty efficient predator. Hoping we don’t have so many walleyes that they crash the bait populations. Hard to believe they could dent the goby population.
  11. Like Ontario, the two harsh winters a couple years ago more than likely put a dent in what was left in the alewife population in Erie. The fewer alewife the walleye eat, the less thiamine deficiency they will have and better reproduction. Two years ago, the walleye we cut up had small alewife, gobies, and perch in their stomachs.
  12. **Price Reduction $192,500 $175,000** Contact agent Ron Papke (315-324-5044) at Garlock Realty (315-482-6000) MLS #S1175741
  13. I’m with Larry that our charters are a non essential business. We have a moral obligation to our clients and our families to do the best to protect lives. To me that means no charter trips until work can resume, restaurants serve meals, parties can be planned and public rest rooms are available. Safety has to come first. For now I’m sticking close to home and any fishing I do will be local and solo. Right now I ‘m hoping that by June we can see some normalcy returning where we can begin to plan for some fun things like a fishing trip. Fingers crossed,
  14. New York State on PAUSE" executive order, a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone, includes a directive that all non-essential businesses statewide must close effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22, and temporarily bans all non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason. At this time, fishing guides or charters of any size have not been determined essential and if currently operating would be in violation of the Executive Order. The full and updated guidance on which types of businesses are determined essential and other designations associated with the order can be found at: https://esd.ny.gov/guidance-executive-order-2026 If a business would like to request designation as essential, they can contact Empire State Development at: https://esd.ny.gov/content/request-designation-essential-business-purposes-executive-order-2026 Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  15. If the other persons were residents of your home, the six foot distance could be waived.
  16. Alewife are present in Lake Erie but they tend to makeup a small percentage of baitfish base. Believe studies show the shallower nature of the lake and ice cover tend to limit alewife. Emerald shiners, rainbow smelt, perch and now gobies seem to be what walleyes on east end are targeting. I don’t usually see alewife if I happen to check stomachs. Interesting how the forage base differs one lake to another.
  17. I would think the walleye population boom is to the decline in alewife after two very harsh winters a couple years ago.
  18. Actually in NY State they have been enforcing 6 ft Rule ,the other day the Sheriff ran all fishermen off the launch docks at SBH. Technically Charter Fishing Boats are not considered Essential Business here in NY state as well.I have had my boat out twice for perch,but with me alone in my boat.I would bet if someone on a boat where 6 ft distance can't be maintained comes down with Virus and it is found out ,operator of the boat could be fined.Probably soon NY will shutdown fishing if fishermen do not practice 6 ft distance. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  19. These are a few of the lures I make. I learned this process like 12 years ago. I make these from scratch and many of these are actually covered in real fish skin. Oh and for sure they catch fish any time of the year. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  20. Well to start out I'm a newbie here but far from a young gun. 65 years old and just bought a new boat so going to be asking many a question as I venture out on Erie this season. I spent most my life fishing inland waters and lots of Erie and upper river fishing from shore. To me any fishing is great fishing species wise but like most of you Perch and Eyes are my mainstay. I'm not here for gps headings but will need basics in methods and from there it's on me to catch. Thanks in advance and tight lines to all. Stay safe too.
  21. *** 3-26-2020 *** Please practice social distancing while fishing and boating. the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Wolf has issued several Executive Orders that have direct bearing on our day-to-day lives. Since fishing was included in the list of permitted activities as a lift-sustaining business on 3/24/2020, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission encourages you to adhere to the recommendations contained in the following press release, with particular emphasis on practicing the social distancing guidelines mentioned in Governor Wolf’s orders. With your assistance, we can help stop COVID-19 from spreading. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your cooperation. COL Corey L. Britcher PA Fish & Boat Commission Bureau of Law Enforcement PO Box 67000 Harrisburg, PA 17106 717-705-7861
  22. PENNSYLVANIA *** UPDATED 3-28-2020 *** Charter boats and Guides operations now not permitted THINGS ARE UPDATING QUICKLY The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has received clarification from the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office regarding the classification of charter boat and fishing guide operations. The Governor’s Office has determined that charter boat and fishing guide operations (whether conducted by boat or on foot) DO NOT meet the definition of a life-sustaining business. Such operations are classified as a recreational industry and continued operation of such businesses is not permitted under the Governor’s Order of March 19, 2020. Operators may be subject to enforcement procedures if found out of compliance with that Order. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  23. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2020/03/lake-erie-walleye-numbers-in-stratosphere-future-is-bright.html
  24. Here is a story from an Ohio Paper: https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2020/03/lake-erie-walleye-numbers-in-stratosphere-future-is-bright.html
  25. https://www.lakeerieunited.com/threads/jim-stedkes-14th-annual-midwinter-online-seminar-2020.359079/ Good luck, No closed season for walleyes there.
  26. Not yet. I dont think they can be put in until april 1st. You can still launch with two ppl or waders. I launch for G.I. or SBH are drive out, lake was like glass yesterday. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  27. Docks in at State launch, west side?
  28. Straight out 62ft of water. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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