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  1. I'm looking at Aug 2nd to the 7th for some cooperating weather. I like to fish Sun thru Thurs to beat the crowds and easier room reservations.
  2. Hope to get back up there towards the end of the month. 6 hour drive one way for me, so I like to see 4 or 5 days of good weather. Scheduled for 2 weeks in Ontario mid Sept. With the border situation, that doesn't look good. How's the walleye bite in Sept? Might have to do my 2 weeks there.
  3. Sounds like your family had a nice day!
  4. Back over to Walnut creek this morning. 4 more nice eater size walleye. Left at noon before the storm, had to get ready for trip home tomorrow. All in all a productive trip for us. Only our second time on Erie.
  5. Went to Walnut Creek launch today. Got 8 nice eaters in 60 fow, down 35 to 40 ft.
  6. One 19 inch walleye yesterday. Poor fishing and not marking any. Word isthelake turned over and the fish left town. Thinking of going to Walnut Creek
  7. 1 white bass! A little rough for my 16 footer. Only fished a few hours in the morning. Yes from what others said, the lake flipped. temp dropped 10 or 12 plus degrees. Hoping for a better day today, Gonna fish the morning,then after supper
  8. Thanks! Hopefully I'll have a report by Monday afternoon.
  9. Thanks! Heading up tomorrow, will fish through Thursday and head home Friday. Better bring my D/R's just in case.
  10. If I can get suitable accommodations, I think I may come up Monday morning. I've got D/R's, big boards and inline boards. If boards are best for now, I;d rather use my big boards verses the inlines. Any recommendations on what to bring along? Thanks, Ron
  11. I have a Lund Alaskan 50 HP tiller and was wondering what folks think of the wind and weather forecast for fishing out of N.E. this Mon to Friday? It's a 16ft 10 in and 82 inch beam boat and pretty stable boat. Actually feels safer than an older 19 foot Starcraft I had. looks like wind out of the north, and I imagine that's not good for the south side of Erie. Thanks, Ron
  12. Planning a trip in a week or two and will fish out of the North East Marina launch. What winds do I need to avoid? I just have a 17 foot tiller boat with a 50HP Honda. I'm retired and will watch the weather for the best possible days, and I'd rather fish Monday to Thursday. I fished the lake last August and only got out one morning and one afternoon due to the winds. Never trust a weather report! Thanks!
  13. I hope who lost it reads the forum. Great for you to try and get it back to the owner,
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