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  1. I've given up on weather reports. I plan trips looking at forecasts only 4 days out and they still suck!
  2. Leaving for my 6 hr trip in another hour. Hoping I can get out tomorrow. Seems like my 4 day fishing trips only allow 2 mornings and 2 afternoons. I guess that's Lake Erie!
  3. How many feet of water were you fishing? Wondering if dipsys and leadcore will do the trick, or I need to bring my D/R's
  4. Nice report! Just booked our room for next Sunday through Thurs evening. Hope they have the feed bag on and the weather cooperates. Probably be our last trip to Erie this year. Will be hitting Raystown lake in Oct. About 3 hours closer to home.
  5. I was eyeing up this Monday to Thursday, but passed due to the weather. Maybe the week after Labor Day.
  6. Hoping to get up again soon. Thanks for the report!
  7. How do folks make up their leader from dipsey to lure? The dipsey has a barrel swivel at the terminal end. Do folks put a snap on there to attach worm harnesses, or do you put a snap on the worm harness? How about a leader for a stickbait or spoon? Plain snap at each end or snap and a snap swivel? I had a leader ball up in a big knot last time out. Not sure how to prevent that. Maybe folks just tie off the leader directly to the dipsey. Rather avoid that as it's a problem with storage.
  8. Got up to North East Sunday afternoon, it was blowing a gale on the lake. When out Mon morning and there was quite a swell on the lake. Just too uncomfortable trying to set lines. Went in about nine, then back out about noon, trying the Shade launch. Got a small walleye and a large sheepshead before thunderstorms chased us off at 2:30. Tues was rain in the morning then hot and still early afternoon, changing to strong winds again. Never got out on Weds, too much wind. Thurs our last day was nice but we only got 3 nice walleye. They were down 50 feet in 60 FOW. One on a rigger with a stickbait, and 2 on dipsies with a spoon. Tough fishing and even tougher weather.
  9. Maybe things are picking up out of North East. I've been reading the FishUSA reports and they said there was good action between the Ohio line and Walnut creek. Right now the weather reports are T/S's in the afternoon Mon & Tues, sunny Weds & Thurs. That's good for me, wife can't take the afternoon heat anyhow. Leaves me the evening after supper if I want to run out again. I have a cottage rented on the St Lawrence in Canada Sept 8-22. Not sure if the border will be open or not. Might be looking for something on Erie in that time frame.
  10. Coming up tomorrow, hope the weather is good. I think I'll give Walnut creek a try Monday morning. Had good luck there in June.
  11. Good to know there are alternatives to fishing the main lake, but I'm pretty much set on wanting to fish the main lake if driving that far. Weather forecast seems like wild guessing on their part. Winds seem more manageable now and the thunderstorms are usually in the afternoon. I like morning fishing and evening fishing so sitting out afternoons is no problem. I guess I'll make a final decision tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies!
  12. Was hoping to come up Sunday and fish through Thursday. The weather forecast sure doesn't look too good. I'm 6 hours driving one way and paying a motel bill for each night. I don't mind a sitting out a morning or afternoon, but I sure don't want to sit in a motel 2 days out of 4. The winds concern me more than the rain. I just have a Lund Alaskan 16 foot tiller boat.
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