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  1. When does the walleye bite start in North East, PA. My first trip was last Aug, but we had a lot of wind. When we could get on the lake with my 16 foot Alaskan, we did well. Probably camp at Lakeside.
  2. The lake was too angry for my 16 foot Lund! I packed it up and came home. Were there many trailer at N.E today? I was going to roll thru the lot at 8:30 when I went by, but chose not to.
  3. Squeaked out another 4 tonight. Tomorrow looks like a bust for me. Good Luck for whoever goes o
  4. Wind out of the south tomorrow in the teens gusting to 25 mph in the forecast I see. Probably to rough for me!
  5. Only managed 3 walleye and a sheepshead. Big swells making it tough in a 16 footer. Hope it settles down thie afternoon so we can get out again.
  6. Arrived Weds, rain and strong winds. Thurs more winds. Went to the launch 3 different times. Each time was met with folks coming back after a short try. Giving it a shot today, south winds at 10 mph. Tomorrow south winds in the teens gusting to the 20’s. Hope to put some fish in the boat today!
  7. I believe the weather looks good Thurs and Fri and maybe breezy Sat. I have reservations at Lakeside Weds thru Sat night. Hope to get up early enough to get on the water for a few hours late Weds. I'm bringing riggers, boards and leadcore. Hope the weather holds up for my Alaskan 1600 tiller! Thanks for all the tips!
  8. Pretty sure you have to abide by the laws of the state you launch out of. Say you launch in PA, and fish NY with a NY license. If the PA limit is 2 fish and NY is 4 fish, you can only possess the PA limit of 2 when you return to the PA launch.
  9. It looks like my stars might be aligning for this coming week. Thursday, Friday and Sat look like good weather. Winds on Sat 13mph gusting to 20 out of the south. I'm hoping a south wind isn't too bad. I'll be coming up Weds, so I should be able to count on Thurs and Friday anyhow. Gotta check with Lakeside campground to see if they have a site available. Anybody run spoons off a D/R for walleye? Also are there any good baitshops around Westfield or N.E.?
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I'm sitting this weekend out.
  11. This morning I see gusts to 20 MPH Friday, and then the wind lays down for Sat and Sun, but thunder storms Sat and rain Sun. I hate weather men! Guaranteed if I stay home the weather will have been ok to fish. I'll wait and see what develops today and be ready to shove off if it look good.
  12. I spend 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks in Sept on the south shore of the St Lawrence in Gananoque. The river is pretty wide there, and if there's wind out of the S.W. it can get pretty rough. I'm thinking wind out of the N.E. is going to create the same conditions on the north shore of Erie. Thanks for the responses.
  13. I see 11 -12 MPH winds out of the N.E. Friday to Sunday. Gusts to 18 MPH. Then rain Monday. How do you think a Lund Alaskan 1600 would fair. Seems to me they always under estimate winds. I have a handicapped wife, so I can't let her get beat up by wind and waves. 7 hours trip one way for us also. thanks!
  14. Thanks! I'll be checking out Lakeside
  15. Thanks, sent you a PM on the lake O forum
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