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  1. I use a 6 ft. leader and have caught fish
  2. Went out this morning with two friends. We limited out in 4 hours. Bottom bouncers with worm harnesses in 55 FOW. This was my best but one of my buddies caught its twin.
  3. Last year the ice boom removal started on March 6th and they were still dredging at the end of April. With the boom being removed now, I can't imagine when the dredging will be complete this year!
  4. How about snubbers for the divers? Length? Color? Do they make a difference?
  5. Thanks, Ten Percent. I was just curious.
  6. When I was a young kid (many moons ago) my dad and his fishing buddies would fish for walleye in Lake Erie by bottom bouncing a yellow sally and a worm. I was just wondering if anyone ever uses this method anymore?
  7. If we were to launch at the small boat harbor as Locoman mentioned but didn't want to go 12 miles to Sturgeon Pt., how would chances be of finding perch closer like maybe in deeper water off of Myers Reef, etc.?
  8. My friend and I would like to get out this week for perch. We'd like to try around Sturgeon Pt. My friend has a 21 ft. I/O. What are our launch options? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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