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  1. I understand that the work that will be done at Sturgeon will not be patching current break wall, but a new reconfigured and larger wall. Anyone know similar of different? I heard this during a seminar at the Niagara Fishing expo but don't remember who exactly said it.
  2. Starting lead core this year and fish both Ontario (salmon/trout) and Erie (walleye). Picked out two Okuma GLT copper/lead core rods and think I will like for Ontario but seems heavier than I want for the 'eyes. Thinking of the Shimano TDR86MC2C copper/lead core rod for Erie. Thoughts/experience with either rod appreciated. Will be using inline boards or flatline. Thanks. Tight Lines
  3. Fished 7:00 - 10:45 PM last night (Sunday). Started midway through the windmills in 15 - 25 FOW and moved south. Off the beach and Hamburg in the dark in 8 - 15 FOW. Stickbaits after dark and smaller sticks and Flickershads during daylight. Three smallies, 1 sheephead and 1 walleye (22"). Eye was taken before dark and quickly lost what I assume was an eye after dark. Great night to be out.
  4. Wow - $15. I took note when it went from $8 to $10, but understood and was Ok. $15 is steep for sure, but I guess if that is where you want to launch and knowing their issues, then that will be the cost.
  5. Any recent reports? Good or not so good, it's all helpful.
  6. Nice work. Was thinking about Chautauqua for eyes myself, but did the trout/salmon thing out of Olcott instead. Got a 5 fish mixed bag of lake trout and kings. Looking forward to my Chautauqua trips this year as they are always a treat. My wife and I love it down there. Leave some eyes for the rest of us and Tight Lines.
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