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  1. Fished west of Walnut, Pa. Monday and Tuesday. You can find fish over a wide range of fow and suspended from above the thermocline to the bottom. Used 10, 7, 5 color LC. #1 Dipsys 3 88ft to 103ft. Spoons produced the most fish but harnesses and bay rats all worked. Purple was best color but chartreuse was working also. Lots of fish but most in the 15 to 18 inch range with a few in the 20s and my biggest Erie walleye to date a bit over 30".
  2. I would say they will work. And if your walleye fishing in Lake Erie this year you might not find a lure that doesn't work. Of course those heavier spoons might require a little more speed. You can try running them off of side planers with a 2oz. weight for steelhead to.
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