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  1. Spoons are great as they are easy to use. Since spoons have been so popular a lot of fisherman have tried many brands. The only thing you need to consider is the weight/thickness/ color of spoons. Many are buying blanks and painting or taping them as they see fit. A new MI spoon is gonna run minimum $6.00. so if you wanna outfit yourself with various sizes and colors expect to spend $400.00.
  2. I buy cheap clear pencil boxes (think gradeschool) that lock. Inside I'll line with 1" pillow foam (craftstore). I can go two layers deep this way and they keep perfectly still, are able to dry and are easy to find.
  3. Lol, yes that's a nice problem really. My wife is warming up to fishing, I think she'll enjoy it before this coming season is over
  4. I have so many spoons. The 8 per year typically replaces what I lost prior season with what was hot prior season. My wife's beginning to notice the trolling spoon collection I've amassed.
  5. Lol, right? 2017 was incredible. I allow myself 8 new spoons a season and last year these 2 were head n shoulders above all other colors/patterns all year. Thanks for reply David.
  6. Hi All, I have stopped in and read a lot of posts here but have never had a need to post myself. This is my 1st. Here it is, I mistakenly ordered the thicker heavier scorpion spoons. They're not returnable. Can these be trolled? I called MI Stinger, the gentleman said mmmmh not really, they're for jigging sir. Any thoughts? I hate to think I wasted time and money.
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