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  1. Anchor marine in erie pa did mine, great service..
  2. As I sat in the local bar with friends last Friday night, I said boy could I go for some wings, But being I'm Catholic, no meat Friday, we joked saying it would have to be fish wings.. ha ha.. when we googled this I was amassed to see this.... I will def. try it.... Thanks for the videos..
  3. I run blacks, get them at gander mt. for like10$, they are adjustable and work great
  4. Yes, I saw lance, I sat thru his last yr, and made this yr show a two day trip for me and I sat thru his again this yr, ... a must see, good speaker,
  5. Glad to meet ya, I fish from lampe and head your way alot.. Rick
  6. This is the second yr I went, lots of good speakers, product vendors,and the fish tacos were good too.. I will be there next yr.. Rick
  7. I run clear mono but braid is a green color,
  8. I run the okumo convector 30 reels and stealth core 18# lead core, 700' braid backing, 5 colors stealth cores, 40' leaders. been using stealth core for several years and no issues with this line.. i have 6 rods set with 5 colors and if i need to be deeper i just add weights, I run the side all the same and you wont get tangles
  9. Smart Troll Has anyone used these, I had just purchased one at the sport show and cant wait to try it, Rick
  10. I have not used the smart troll yet but i like the fact that i can put the probes on my dippsys or out on lead core and see them, multiple probes at a time.. real time readings... i have no affiliation with the makers of this system, I'm just a fisherman looking to be better.... I have owned two fish hawks, the X-4 and an old 840... they did what they were suppose to, speed and temp at ball and boat..
  11. mine was like 1500$ retail but got a show disc.. you get a basic kit to install than add probes, ill get depth from 4 locations,(or rods) i hope it works as good as the reports say... I do have a fish hawk on my boat now, Look them up... Smart troll.. My friend got one too, come on spring..
  12. no its not, its a speed ,temp, and depth censor with multi probes so we can see depth of dippsys, riggers, leadcore or wire,.. I can track 4 rods with the system i got, If you want to see more just add more probes...
  13. I went up and spent two days there, great seminars, Bought a smart troll system, cant wait to try it ... also picked up the three reels from anglers ave for my copper line sets, Great weekend, see ya there next yr.. Rick
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