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  1. The Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo (January 18 - 20, 2019) is proud to announce the return of the "Walleye School". With the outstanding Walleye fishing this past year on the Eastern end of Lake Erie, and the forecast for it even to get better for the foreseeable future based upon the number of Walleyes in the system, the demand for Walleye Education continues to grow. Walleye are by far the most popular fish to target in WNY and this "School" was created to help meet the needs of our WNY Anglers. The "School" will offer Three Days of Intense Walleye Information: Over 25 Free Seminars featuring more than a dozen regional and local experts including Mark Romanack, Lance Valentine, & Joe Fonzi to name a few. Two separate curriculum's focusing on "trolling" or "rod-in-hand" fishing techniques. Classes range from the novice walleye angler just starting out through the experienced Tournament anglers. All classes are free, no registration required, seats available on a first come first serve basis. See all you Walleye Fans at the Expo!!! Check us out at WWW.NiagaraFishingExpo.com Fishing Flyer 2019 Walleye all.pdf
  2. The digital version of the Show Program is now available on the show web site at www.niagarafishingexpo.com. Check it out. Where else would you rather be in WNY in January than at one of the largest Fishing shows in the Great Lakes?
  3. Some good Perch Seminars to check out at the show this weekend! 1229 Perch Series.xlsx
  4. Whether you’re an avid ice fisherman or an Lake Erie perch angler looking for alternative baits when live Emerald Shiners are scarce, this is a “must see” clinic from one of the best fishing minds in the business. Scott Brauer of Gasport, NY is a professional angler and the owner of Maki Plastics, an innovative ice fishing bait company. He is an Ice Team Pro Staffer for Clam Outdoors. Scott spends much of his time travelling the ice belt promoting the great sport of ice fishing. It’s not uncommon to see Scott at just about any ice fishing venue, especially here in Western New York where he conduction on-ice clinics and in-store promotions involving hard water angling. Scott will be presenting the following clinic: Finessing Techniques with Plastics Clinic Saturday, January 20th – 1:30 –3:30 | $20 Fee | Walleye Trolling Room *Tickets can be purchased online thru this site or in person at the Show ticket Booth at the entrance. Plastics are Fantastic, whether thru the ice or in open water including Lake Erie Perch. "Matching the Hatch" is a phrase often kicked around in the fishing world, the expression comes from the fisherman's attempt to imitate natural insects with artificial imitations in order to fool fish. Fish often ignore all other bait offerings and get lock jaw during major hatches- getting familiar with the bugs, insects, larvae and nymphs that are present in a lake is quite simply a process that is not hard to master, and is a necessary skill for the serious angler. During this class we will examine lake biology, insect hatch timeline, baits and delivery tools and matching the right rod and reel to increase your catch all year long. Scott Brauer is the brain child behind Makiplastic Bait, an aquatic insect nerd and national award winning educator. He will lead participants through questions from the class and add in lessons from fish including underwater video of how fish react to what we are doing above. There will be giveaways from all of his sponsors throughout this in-depth look at how to fish plastics and how to fool even lockjaw fish!
  5. If you like to bottom bounce, jig, cast or drift for Walleye, these are the seminars that you should look to attend. Taught by expert Walleye anglers take them in at the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo on January 19 - 21, 2018. Check out all of the details of the show atwww.niagarafishingexpo.com. Walleye "Rod in Hand" Series Day Time INST Name Deep Water Walleye Bottom Bouncing Techniques Friday 4:00 PM Sam Schrecengost Small Boat Walleye Techniques for the Great Lakes & Inland Waters Friday 5:30 PM Keith Eshbaugh Bottom Bouncing Buffalo End Lake Erie Walleye Friday 7:00 PM Jim Rores Small Boat Walleye Techniques for the Great Lakes & Inland Waters Saturday 10:00 AM Keith Eshbaugh Getting the most from Bottom Bouncers Saturday 12:00 PM Mark Romanack Bottom Bouncing Buffalo End Lake Erie Walleye Saturday 2:00 PM Jim Rores Structure Jigging for Lake Erie Walleye Saturday 4:00 PM Lance Valentine Getting the most from Bottom Bouncers Saturday 6:00 PM Mark Romanack Structure fishing Techniques for Lake Erie Walleye Sunday 10:00 AM Jim Hanley The Ultimate Walleye Clinic Sunday 12:00 PM Mark & Jake Romanack Bottom Bouncing for Sturgeon Point Walleye Sunday 2:00 PM Sam Schrecengost
  6. Some well know Walleye experts speaking on Trolling for Walleye at the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo Jan 19 - 21. Check out www.niagarafishingexpo for the complete list of the 120+ seminars during the show. Walleye Trolling Series Day Time INST Name Combining Lead Core & Copper Trolling Spreads for Lake Erie Walleye Clinic Friday 4:00 PM Don Ruppert The Big Three of Walleye Trolling, popular methods for trolling spinners, spoons and also crankbaits. Friday 5:30 PM Mark Romanack Fine Tuning your Walleye program for success Friday 7:00 PM Jim Skoczylas "Where & When for Lake Erie Walleyes" The "How To" for Cranks and Harnesses Saturday 10:00 AM Craig Sleeman Big Water Walleye Tatics from a Pro Saturday 12:00 PM Zak Jobes Tournament Winning Techniques for Big Water Walleye Clinic Saturday 2:30 PM Sammy Capellini Deep Water Trolling Techniques for Lake Erie Walleye Saturday 4:00 PM Jim Steel Spoon Fed Walleye Saturday 6:00 PM Lance Valentine Small Boat Trolling Techniques for large Great Lakes Walleye Sunday 10:00 AM Greg Amiel The Ultimate Walleye Clinic Sunday 12:00 PM Mark & Jake Romanack Dialing in Walleye Sunday 2:00 PM Matthew Swairie
  7. http://buffalonews.com/2018/01/10/niagara-fishing-expo-is-filled-with-reel-knowledge/
  8. Bass Pro Mark Menendez to Highlight Fish Expo BASS Pro Menendez to Highlight Fish Expo Bassmaster Elite Pro Mark Menendez of Paducah, Kentucky will join an impressive cast of speakers at the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo to be held Jan. 20-22 at the Conference and Event Center Niagara Falls. Menendez, a regular on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail for 26 years, is slated to be a competitor in the Elite Series in 2017 once again. His statistics are impressive. He has fished in 214 Bassmaster tournaments to date – placing in the money nearly 50 percent of the time. He’s captured first place three times; second place once; third place twice; and placed in the Top 10 and Top 20 22 and 44 times respectively; winning more than $1.25 million in career earnings. The 52-year-old angler is a graduate of Murray State with a degree in Fisheries Biology. He is familiar with the local waters of Western New York and his seminars will be “Great Lakes Power Fishing Tactics” and “Finesse Fishing for Great Lakes Smallmouth.” His presentations will be at noon on Saturday; 10 a.m. on Sunday. "The combination of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, associated with the majestic Niagara River creates the most dynamic fishery in the United States,” insists Menendez, a Bassmaster champion. “The smorgasbord of game fish found here can fill anyone’s bucket list! And the waters in and around the Buffalo area hold more giant smallmouth than anyplace in the World!" In addition to his two seminars, he will be giving product demonstration seminars for Rapid Fishing Solutions on a regular basis Saturday and Sunday, one of his valued sponsors. Menendez is one of the hardest working promoters and educators on tour and in that role he routinely averages more than 100 days a year working with the fans of the sport on behalf of his sponsors. Menendez isn’t the only bass fishing expert sharing his intimate knowledge at the Expo. Buffalo-area Bass Pro Brad Brodnicki of Amherst will be in the spotlight all weekend, too, along with other members of WNY Bassmasters. They will all be providing bass seminars targeting all levels of proficiency. Whether you fish from a boat or on shore, like to cast or bottom-bounce, use artificial baits or live bait; there will be relevant seminars for you to attend. In addition, there will many manufacturers on hand to share insight and point you in the right direction to make purchases of equipment. Rods, reels, lures, electronics and other fishing gear will be available for purchase – even boats! Bass is only one species that anglers can enjoy at the show. In addition, there will also be seminars on salmon, trout, walleye, perch and musky; seminars on electronics and boat rigging; expert talks on kayak fishing and tributary fishing. Nearly 130 seminars can be found during the three days. Check out the complete list at www.niagarafishingexpo.com. The website offers a wealth of information, including parking options and a $5 coupon for parking. The Conference and Event Center Niagara Falls is located at 101 Old Falls Street, Niagara Falls. Admission is just $10 each day; $20 for a weekend pass.
  9. Greater Niagara Fishing Show - Seminar Schedule The largest freshwater Fishing Show in New York State with more Fishing Education than any show in the Great Lakes. Check out the show at www.niagarafishingexpo.com especially the Walleye School. The full Seminar Schedule has just been released featuring over 120 Fishing Seminars by over 70 different Instructors over 2.5 days! Check out the schedule at www.niagarafishingexpo.com, select "Education & Seminars" and chose the species/topic to view you are most interested in. Lots of good topics to choose from taught by many expert Fishermen that you will recognize.
  10. Greater Niagara Ice Jam Show Seminars The formal Ice Fishing Seminar schedule is now available at http://niagarafishingexpo.com/files/2016/12/Ice-Fish-Seminar-Schedule.pdf . These seminars are in addition to the ones for Beginners and Youth. Informal 1 on 1 instruction is also available throughout the 3 days of the show from the Ice Team Pros in attendance including the use of the Ice Fishing simulator tanks. All of this is included in the admission to the show. In addition to Ice Fishing, there are over 100 other "Fishing" seminars offered during the show on Walleye, Perch, Salmon, Bass, Marine Electronics, etc which can viewed at www.niagarafishingexpo .com and then select the "Seminars" tab.
  11. Greater Niagara Fishing Show - Walleye School The largest freshwater Fishing Show in New York State with more Fishing Education than any show in the Great Lakes. Check out the show at www.niagarafishingexpo.com especially the Walleye School.
  12. Major Ice Fishing Show Returns to New Your State After missing for many years, Ice Anglers in NYS and across the North East including Southern Ontario will be able to enjoy a major Ice Fishing show January 20 - 22, 2017. No need to drive the 500+ miles to attend a major Ice Fishing Show, Clam & Thorne Bros are bringing the show to us. Check out the NE Region Ice Jam at the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo this January (www.NiagaraFishingExpo .com)
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