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  1. ciscokid give me a call tomorrow i can help u set up your fishfinder 585-409-7294 jeff
  2. they also make a diver called lite bite.
  3. set the drag light and put the click on and when the fish hits you will hear the click.
  4. if is not a bomber it might be a thunderstick a metalic rainbow trout but i think there is a metalic green . hope this helps
  5. great job ten percent . that is what a good fisherman or person would do. my hat is off to you.
  6. my sons use 3-5 ft. leaders and catch a lot of walleyes but work the bouncers at different depths.
  7. 4sale brand new Mag 10 hs with hardware or Mag 5 hs with hardware. 400.00 for Mag 10 or 325.00 for Mag5 call 585-409-7294 thanks jeff.
  8. lineman 49 your a real fishman and all the others that watched are a$$ holes.
  9. Pair of Mag 10 STX like new comes with swivel bases , bases, power cords, rodholders,extend a booms. 800.00 dollars call or text 585-409-7294 near Batavia.ny.
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