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  1. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    I run spoons, sticks and harnesses all at the same time as well Gary. I have caught on all three every time out this summer. I sent you a PM, I could take you out Saturday morning if interested. My boat, my gear, only because I know what I have and am comfortable using it. You can have the fish we catch and it won't cost you a dime.
  2. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Gary, I have been running a ten color just to keep something up a bit. Everything else is sent to the depths. Dipsey on a 3 setting out 220 has been the hottest thing I have fished. On Saturday we boxed out with a three man limit in just a few hours, similar to what many others are doing. We fished that dipsey with a copper spoon on it and twice we were hooked up in less than a minute of putting rod in holder. You are fishing size 1 dipsies? Have you tried fluttering rigger rods, popping them off when your in a school of fish? As long as fish are in the vicinity of the ball or up higher it has worked for us a lot this past month. I personally notice a difference in spoons with gold backs and silver backs although some guys are doing fine with either. It can be frustrating when many others are limiting in less time than it takes to drive to lake and back but hang in there. It may be just one small piece of the puzzle missing, the fun is trying to figure it out. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    I run them clean, I have noticed that gold back spoons really out produce spoons with silver backs. At least for me that's the case.
  4. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Fished west of the Catt today, caught 23 in less than 4 hours. 82 fow, found a real nice class of 22" or 23" fish. No real big guys but only 2 of the 18 we kept were less than 18" and their swim bladders were out so we kept them. They were legal but only about 16 or 17 inches. All sticks and spoons, put one harness out and after two hours of no hits I pulled it and put a spoon on. Dipsies on 3 out 215' were good, riggers down 75 to 80 feet caught a bunch and dipsies on 1 out 165' were ok. I can't remember exactly what caught but here is pretty good guess. Copper and orange spoon on a dipsey out 215' on 3, very much like a chicken wing spoon was MVP for sure, probably got 7 or 8 fish on that and all were over 20". Crushed sea corral Bay Rat and a gold back purple and white NK28 on the two riggers probably caught the next most. Fluttering them was working almost 75% of the time. Riggers combined for maybe 10 fish total. Bay Rats in purple, fire tiger Bay Rat, and rainbow trout made up the rest. Another awesome day, I am quickly gravitating more and more toward spoons. I have been very lucky to get two or three man limits 5 or 6 times in the last month or so and a lot of those fish came on spoons. Good luck to those going tomorrow.
  5. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Glad you got into them. Looks like you got some decent size fish today as well. We caught a lot of nice ones yesterday, not as many dinks as we did Thursday and Friday.
  6. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    I only use wire dipseys because I fish Ontario a lot and there is no way I'd fish braid when the fleas show. Not as big of an issue on Erie, at least from my experience.
  7. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Dipsey on a one back 165 and on a three back 210 with harnesses trolled at 1.3 mph is what was working for us. Riggers with any purple (ish) NK28 gold back did very well, flutter them when you get over some fish especially if they are feeding on bait, worked a bunch of times for us. Purple Bay Rat or Renowski sticks did well today. We have been fishing 6 rods because that is enough to keep us busy. Good luck.
  8. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Headed down to Dunkirk again today, started at 7:00 and before 11:00 we caught 26 eyes. Of the 18 we kept a dozen of them were in the 20" to 22" range. A few bigger ones and three around 17" or 18". Four dipsies and two riggers, every one we caught was around 70' down in 90' to 100' fow. Harnesses and sticks on dipseys and spoons on riggers all worked. Another awesome day on Erie.
  9. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    The wife and I fished Dunkirk this morning straight out front away from the fleet of boats just to the west. Limited out in a few hours in 85' to 95' fow fishing 75 down. We got a bunch of 19 to 22" fish and of course a few 17 Inchers. MVP was a purple NK 28 on the rigger fished down 75, caught 7 on that setup. Harnesses on dipseys orange/copper and watermelon/copper caught 6. After we were done with our limit I couldn't clear rods before we got two more. Leadcore was not working, one fish on 9 color that's it. I actually pulled two cores and put two more dipseys out. Pretty awesome day out there.
  10. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Planning on going in the morning, trying to decide where to go, Dunkirk is an option but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  11. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Agree Ckawski, it just sounds like Ten Percent didn't want to put his mast on his boat. It's all preference. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  12. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    TX-22 will pull 10 colors all day long you won't need a planer mast. I prefer the inlines over big boards. I've been running at least two inline boards off each side of the boat just put the deeper inside that's all. 10 color in and 7 out is what I run if the water is deep enough.
  13. Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Fished north of Seneca this morning in 40 to 45 feet of water. Too rough to troll any other direction but with the waves at our back so we trolled toward windmills to about 32 fow. We picked up three on our first pass down through. One on a 5 color with a purple Bay Rat, one off the rigger parked about 5' off bottom with a fire tiger Bay Rat 70' back and one a 5 color with a purple harness, Colorado blades. Pulled everything and ran back out to 45 fow north of Seneca again and tried another run through them, picked up another on the 5 color with the same purple Bay Rat. Lost two others behind boat. At that point it was 10:30 and the lake was getting rough, probably 3' to 5' so we pulled and went in. Seemed like a lot of other people pulled out around the same time. 3 of the fish were around 3 or 4 pounds, one was 7 lbs. had to deal with 3 or 4 sheepshead as well. Not exactly hot and heavy for us but we managed a few before getting blown off, wish we wouldn't of lost those other two. Looks like tomorrow is a work around the house day with the weather forecast. Good luck everybody.