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  1. I would recommend 5 color Stealth Core with a braid backing. That's what the charters on my dock run and so do I. levelwind
  2. Braided main line with a leader as long as the rod or at least 8'
  3. Green is the staple on my boat. But I have seen yellow for high viz on charters. Also flouro leaders are a must.
  4. I fished it once with my own rig. Launched out of Lewistown and ran up river to Artpark Devil's Hole area. Got in line with everybody and drifted 3 way with skein and pencil sinkers. Made two drifts then shift cable broke. You will need an electric trolling motor to slow down drift. Best to go with someone who has done it there before or spend the cash and charter to learn all the little tricks. After watching several YouTube videos from people catching kings there, I might not even went because it looks like whitewater fishing. But there is some slack water also. Good Luck. Levelwind
  5. Blakemore Troubleshooter is their official name. Popular in the 80's. Poor Richard's in Fairview PA at one time had NOS. Give him a call for availability. Tight Lines levelwind
  6. Stick or crank baits. Flatlined or fished off inline boards. Go to bait is orange jointed rapala J-7or J-9 fished either way. Water clarity is key. Cloudy or murky the best because you can get away with flatlining starting at 45' back. My starting line up is OJR and a black Blackmore flat and orange Blakemore and orange Bomber off inlines. If fishing off tribs and you can see bottom in 10 fow. Everything will have to be stretched back. Some guys use slhallow Jr. Thundersticks or little Rippers. But the color scheme is the same. Orange, Black and Firetiger are solid producers in the murk. Good Luck Levelwind
  7. Started tournament at 7:30 in PIB due to some intel that a few trout were caught there and lake was too rough to run deep. Not a bite. At 10:30 we went lakeside in front of Lampe Marina and off south pier one 4 pounder on first pass then nada. I did see one jump several times next to south pier. Break down like this 12 boats fished. Only 8 fish weighed in. Winner caught two off Twenty Mile. Now it's deer time. Tight Lines Levelwind
  8. Sorry for the late post but Sunday was ideal conditions for fishing with less than stellar results. Trolled 7:30 to 10:00 right in front of Walnut. One jack steelhead on second pass hit a orange jointed rapala. And that was all for the morning. Total combat trolling. I saw at least six fish hooked up by other boats in the same area and three or four free jumping. The biggest problem was the 67 degree water temp. I will be fishing in the EPSFA's Fall Trout Challenge on Sunday and will post results shortly after. Tight Lines and Loose Drags Levelwind
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