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  1. Slow slow morning. 3 fish in 3 hours.
  2. Good to hear. I'll be out Saturday morning and report
  3. any updates out of Presque isle/Lampe??
  4. Got 14 Friday between dumping grounds and 7 mile 48-52'. Dreamweaver SS and scorpion spoons. 2-5 color LC were the best. Same program Saturday morning, and got 8, but had to be off water by 10. One was a 9.5# slob.
  5. Was out of Presque isle last week dead slow. Will be out this weekend. Water warmed up a bit, so they should start turning on.
  6. We have a cabin a few miles down the road. some pretty good deer hunting around and lots of creek full of trout in the spring (after stocking of course)
  7. All info posted here. Can message me here or over on LOU https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/80187-fs-riggers-mast-tracks-rod-holders-fish-hawk/
  8. We wanted to see the poker run, bet headed to where the fish were instead. It's hard to convince the old man to leave the dock before 6, but he's starting to realize the bite shuts off quickly as the morning goes on.....i'll make him a believer of having lines in the water way before the sun comes up soon enough.
  9. Silver are Craig's, bronze/brown are Vector
  10. New boat (for us) shakedown. Got a late start Saturday (6:15am), headed through the channel and around the point and set up in about 40 FOW among the zoo of boats and headed WSW. Found out quickly our subtroll wasn't working, so no down speed. Took us a little bit to get everything set up and learn the nuances of the boat. Took us longer than we though but finally got our three man limit around 1:30. Riggers with UV Stinger Scorpions and 8 color core with watermelon Stinger Scorpion too most pf the fish mixed with a few meat bites. The next morning was pretty much the same program, but with the exception of nearly getting ran over by the barge headed out. No joke, if we had a 10 color out, it would have been gone. Pretty slow , got our two man limit around noon, watermelon spoon again the hot ticket for us. One more week of this, then salmon time in Ontario.
  11. 12# main, 10# leader on everything.
  12. We use Blacks, with an initial setting of about 2# and work from there
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