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  1. O ok. The structure made the difference. Appreciate the tips. I live out in the thousand islands originally from buffalo if your ever out this way and need reports on Lake Ontario or st lawerence River fishing just let me know. Take care. Good luck fishing
  2. Steelie 30 lakers thsts a fun day. How deep were you fishing? We were running 120 ft. With 3 hook ups lol. I thought that was a good day. Ha
  3. I spoke with a few fellas today 80ft of water seemed to be targeting depth out of barcelona most everyone else seemed to launch there and head towards dunkirk and were saying this week has been slow which seems to be the standard lately. Good luck. Tight lines!
  4. Got out from 7am to noon. 3 fish lakers is all we went for fairly slow but 120 ft deep. Spoons just a but off the bottom. Good day overall
  5. Headed there tomorrow morning gona start off for lake trout in the morning and then walleye. Fished 2 days out of Dunkirk with very tough fishing 1 trout 1 walleye. Lots of good marks but many running inside bait balls. Been an odd week. Ill let ya know how we do. Good luck.
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