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  1. blastvalve .com very good most accurate weather forecast i ever used my buddy uses this site all the time he flies a balloon and needs to have the right wing i started using this and never has it been incorrect yes it is not a merine forcast but i only need wind speed,direction and chance of lighting the rest is for someone that cares i have set my charters by this site and never been sorry so check out just google blastvalve , ny weather put city in i use buffalo and dunkirk will know what wind is for next 3 days tight lines to all and be safe Capt Brent
  2. young blood did you fish the reef or just shallow water im booked all week perch and walleye double booked fishing nite and day would love a starting point that close to home instead of running to barcalona for the nite bite
  3. like I said I hope I can run with the big dogs
  4. larry I have a hard time doing it at age 50 this week will be a big test 5 day trips and 5 evening trips I hope I can run with the big dogs
  5. Larry how you make out with truck if you have trips and need truck you can use mine I have nothing until next week booked all week nite and day may want you to take one or two
  6. Just a quick note I would say the Spawn is 70% Done 70 to 75% of the females yesterday were spawned out
  7. The water temp is at 46 as of yesterday
  8. this is the news everyone is waiting for SP is now open and they will be charging starting tomorrow was there today and talked to the director so this is real all open tomorrow the dredging guys said they went 10 ft deep let the stampede began tight lines to all capt Brent
  9. you guys are all wrong the method I use needs no change its simple you light the fuse and throw it overboard and wait for the fish to float to surface you net them up no color no line size nothing just a lighter. Took my new mexico elk hunting outfitter out today great day everyone found their own fish and didn't get to close even stayed away and found their own fish except one boat stoped and said that miller told him look for the crowd and u will find fish told him the crowd was to the north in Canada he left we laughed we caught our limit by 11 am nice to see the guys out there today knew the drill tight lines to you all capt Brent
  10. Not a total loss for not fishing today drove boat to Syracuse and got new windshield installed !!!wow!!! was shop off on price it cost $1100 plus $365 to install it I guess the guy that hit me wont do it again . Called my sat clients and we r fishing tomorrow sorry to you guys that have to fish the weekends but i'm done with that I started fishing In early Feb no one else out their total lake alone and told clients that in a month and a half that this spot will be unfishable they didn't understand can you say lazy, crazy ,or is it greed will never end thought it might be a good thing SP was late opening but the crowds still come good fishing to all and please be safe Capt Brent
  11. Just canceled out for today the clients did not want to fish in the rain told them that their wont be anyone else out there any body want to go fishing we will have lots of room
  12. Took my boat to collision shop today for repair estimate will cost the guy and his son little over 800 bucks to fix windshield and buff paint people you need to think before doing things like this
  13. Ps Im offering my clients a discount to not fish the weekends and take a during the week trip to avoid the crowds
  14. John I couldn't agree with you more I was alone at a spot for over three hrs then a boat drove out to see if I was catching then called someone on phone and the whole fleet came from in front of sp one guy actually hit my boat with his anchor get his insurance info I don't think he will do that again . we left and went and found our own spot again where we took a 5 man limit our limit is 30 per person this is working out just fine so far but back to the people being considerate their is a lot of room don't crowd the guy that did the work and force him out or hit his or her boat even after all this we were still off water by 1 pm fishing is much better people when you find a school where there are no people so people instead of relying on the crowd try to find some for yourself you will be rewarded greatly thanks Brent
  15. no docks at cat their today and still nothing very ruff today but fishable good chatch
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